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Now: When a workflow fails it now may be hard to quickly find a root cause. From CLI the only way (without creating a new execution) is to use a sequence of commands like: * 'mistral task-list <workflow execution id>' and see what are in ERROR * for each failed task execution run 'mistral action-execution-list' an...
Based on the etherpad ... It uses too agressive polling, it creates significant load on DB Due to agressive DB polling in Scheduler Mistral can't be scaled well. Every new engine node increases load on DB There are situations when a delayed call (the entity that th...
Unlike mistral actions, Mistral currently doesn't support asynchronous workflow execution. I think it would be beneficial to have asynchronous workflows for these reasons: 1) Workflows carry context, and depending on the size of the workflow and the contents of the workflow variables, this could become a very heav...

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