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Action Providers for Mistral
Currently, actions have to be registered in Mistral's SQL DB and has to have a corresponding class module installed as entry_points (regardless whether the class is a stub that serves as proxy or a class that does actual work). ActionProvider is an abstraction that allows a trusted third party system to extend Mist...
When it comes to processing big "on-success", "on-error" and "on-complete" clauses of direct Mistral workflows, Mistral doesn't scale it which leads to having one engine busy for a long time (sometimes ~ maximum duration of a DB transaction) while others not doing anything. In order to fix this problem, we may try ...
Unlike mistral actions, Mistral currently doesn't support asynchronous workflow execution. I think it would be beneficial to have asynchronous workflows for these reasons: 1) Workflows carry context, and depending on the size of the workflow and the contents of the workflow variables, this could become a very heav...
Docs: fill the gaps for Mistral
There are a few documents which are missing and have to be documented. The following documents are the ones to be documented: 1.Using workflow environments. There is info in API spec and CLI spec but there's no explanation what it is and what it is for. It should be either a separate article or an addition to DSL s...

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