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Persistent absence report for SchoolTool ARK
ARK instance – Persistent absent report by Month (fran to send report) 2 aspects to this: 1. Add filter on the current persistent absent report to select a particular month (this is in addition to the existing term filter) 2. New report by month which shows all the students which have an attendance rate of less than...
Data entry status report for SchoolTool ARK
Overview of who has entered data? The assessment section "BOT" and "MOT" indicate the assessment structures and should reflect whatever schools set up (i.e. drawing directly from the exam structure). The report should list the number of missing entries for assessment. There should be separate reports listing the n...
More detaiedl version of the basic classroom report with all papers shown. Show the papers for each assessment set in this report. Call it “Assessment: Detailed Classroom report” Please would you let me know the dev time for a) Just the PERCENTAGES version b) The PERCENTAGES version plus the ABSOLUTE SCORE version...
Attendance app integration for SchoolTool Rising Academies
Using their API. Journey app data model:
Enable flexible attendance codes for SchoolTool ISLI
What they want is: Present – late (P-L) Present – left early (P-LE) Present – late and left early (P-LLE) Includes running through the reports We'll just enable the flexible attendance system written for Rising for them.

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