I am a 22 year old computer freak from South Carolina. I have been here all of my life. I was first introduced to computers by my uncle. Which he taught me mostly everything that he knew (My uncle was a computer engineer). I know all about Microsoft's Scam. I have been through DOS, Windows 3.1 through Windows Vista. Which now I hate; I hate Microsoft to the point where I think that it is a sin. Also, I taught myself C/C++, but I know a little about the others too. I now have committed myself to Ubuntu. I have been using Ubuntu for a good bit of time (about 2 or so years). I started using Ubuntu, just right after Dapper Drake was released. But when I tried Fedora, I didn't like it at all. Also tried Knoppix, I also didn't like it either. So I went back to Ubuntu. This was around the time of Edgy. When I Got Beryl working for the first time, everything worked for a while. That is until all the stuff that was on my gnome panel got messed up. So I tried to fix it, but failed. So I switched over to Kubuntu, I recently switched to XFCE4 because gnome3 SUCKS.

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