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This BP tracks migration from the old iptables to new nftables solution in the Neutron and Neutron stadium projects.
Boot a VM with an unaddressed port for OpenStack Compute (nova)
(This BP is a copy of Currently Nova only allows to boot a VM if all ports attached: - Have an IP assigned. - The IP allocation is deferred. But Nova doesn't allow to spawn a VM with a port without an IP assigned. However, some kind of appl...
Enable SR-IOV NIC offload feature discovery for OpenStack Compute (nova)
SRIOV NIC feature discovery This functionality was added to libvirt repository in commit c9027d8f44f9f66a0aa98482258e88567fccb954 (5/3/2015) and released in libvirt version 1.2.14 (2/4/2015). It allows to query ethtool interface for the availability of certain NIC hardware offload features. For example: <device> <n...

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