Backports - various (Xenial & newer)

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Backports (incl. Bash 5.0-5, SSL 1.1.1d, Curl 7.67.0) for Xenial and newer.

Most packages here are built for Xenial and then rebuilt for several newer series that also do not already have the backported (or at times new upstream release) version of the package in their default repositories. Presently the series targeted here are: Xenial, Bionic, Disco and Eoan.

* Extra notes:

- curl ~ version here is a specialised one that contains Curl 3 & 4 symbols
  and provides the libcurl3 package dependency, allowing installation of any
  software explicitly depending on libcurl3 even on Bionic and newer (see for more details).

- libva ~ version 1.8.3 providing libva1 is published here (needed by Xenial
  era software) and in ppa:savoury1/multimedia version 2.5.0 providing libva2
  (found in Bionic and newer) is published, allowing Xenial users access to
  both libva1 and libva2 by adding both PPAs.

- libvpx ~ version 1.7.0 providing libvpx5 (as found in Bionic and Disco) is
  published here for Xenial (ships with libvpx3) and version 1.8.2 providing
  libvpx6 is published in ppa:savoury1/multimedia as this allows Xenial users
  access to both the libvpx5 and libvpx6 packages by adding both PPAs.

- mate-dock-applet ~ Xenial version is based on new fork of MATE Dock Applet
  for GTK2 desktops, though is essentially a backport with numerous patches

- perl ~ Xenial rebuild against pkgbinarymangler 144 to resolve file conflict
  when both amd64 and i386 libperl5.22 packages are installed (LP: #1574351).
  This problem occurs with some upgrades, eg. when installing newer scanner
  drivers (sane-backends 1.0.27 in ppa:savoury1/graphics) that can install
  for both amd64 and i386, also requiring both libperl5.22 amd64 and i386.

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/backports
sudo apt-get update
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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Rob Savoury.

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Package Version Uploaded by
argon2 0~20171227-0.2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-16)
argon2 0~20171227-0.2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-16)
aria2 1.35.0-1~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
aria2 1.35.0-1~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
aria2 1.35.0-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
aria2 1.35.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
asm 6.0-1~16.04.sav1 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
bash 5.0-5ubuntu0~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
bash 5.0-5ubuntu0~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
bash 5.0-5ubuntu0~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
bash 5.0-5ubuntu0~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
bash-completion 1:2.10-0ubuntu1~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-05)
bash-completion 1:2.10-0ubuntu1~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-05)
bash-completion 1:2.10-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-05)
bash-completion 1:2.10-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-05)
bcmwl Rob Savoury (2019-12-03)
bcmwl Rob Savoury (2019-12-03)
bcmwl Rob Savoury (2019-12-03)
boost-defaults Rob Savoury (2019-12-01)
boost1.65.1 1.65.1+dfsg-0ubuntu5~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-11-29)
brotli 1.0.7-5~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
brotli 1.0.7-5~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
brotli 1.0.7-5~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
brotli 1.0.7-5~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-04)
bzip2 1.0.8-2~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-08)
bzip2 1.0.8-2~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-08)
bzip2 1.0.8-2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-08)
bzip2 1.0.8-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-08)
ca-certificates 20190110~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
ca-certificates 20190110~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
cairo 1.16.0-4ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-06)
cairo 1.16.0-4ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-06)
curl 7.67.0-2ubuntu0~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
curl 7.67.0-2ubuntu0~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
curl 7.67.0-2ubuntu0~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
curl 7.67.0-2ubuntu0~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-05)
dnprogs 2.65~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-11)
e2fsprogs 1.45.3-4ubuntu2~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
e2fsprogs 1.45.3-4ubuntu2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
e2fsprogs 1.45.3-4ubuntu2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
elfutils 0.170-0.4ubuntu0.1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-18)
enca 1.19-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-27)
expat 2.2.9-1~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
expat 2.2.9-1~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
expat 2.2.9-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
expat 2.2.9-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-13)
expect 5.45.4-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-19)
f2fs-tools 1.13.0-1~19.10.sav1 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
f2fs-tools 1.13.0-1~19.04.sav1 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
f2fs-tools 1.13.0-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
f2fs-tools 1.13.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
fontconfig 2.13.1-2ubuntu2~18.04.sav2 Rob Savoury (2019-12-30)
fontconfig 2.13.1-2ubuntu2~16.04.sav2 Rob Savoury (2019-12-30)
fonts-liberation2 2.00.5-2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-06)
fonts-liberation2 2.00.5-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-06)
fonttools 3.21.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-02)
freerdp 1.1.0~git20140921.1.440916e+dfsg1-15ubuntu1.16.04.1sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-14)
freerdp2 2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-2~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-14)
freerdp2 2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-2~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-14)
freerdp2 2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-14)
freerdp2 2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-14)
freetype 2.10.1-2~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-30)
freetype 2.10.1-2~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-30)
freetype 2.10.1-2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-30)
freetype 2.10.1-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-30)
gawk 1:4.1.4+dfsg-1build1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-19)
gdal 2.4.3+dfsg-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-08)
gdal 2.4.3+dfsg-1~16.04.sav2 Rob Savoury (2019-12-08)
gdk-pixbuf 2.36.11-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2020-01-19)
geoip 1.6.12-5~19.04.sav1 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
geoip 1.6.12-5~18.04.sav1 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
geoip 1.6.12-5~16.04.sav1 Rob Savoury (2020-01-03)
geoip-database 20191224-1~19.10.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-29)
geoip-database 20191224-1~19.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-29)
geoip-database 20191224-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury (2019-12-29)
175 of 280 results

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  • liburcu 27 hours ago
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  • gdk-pixbuf 3 days ago
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  • procps 3 days ago
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  • mpclib3 3 days ago
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  • gmp 3 days ago
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