The table below shows most of the software published at this Launchpad site. Source packages with their own PPA (eg. GParted) are copied to a collection PPA (eg. GParted -> Utilities). Some software packages with the same name are in two different PPAs to give access to two distinct versions (eg. FFmpeg).

  Collection | Packages include

        GIMP = babl, fontconfig, freetype, gegl, gimp, libmypaint,
    (v2.10.14) mypaint-brushes, poppler

       VLC 3 = libmicrodns, libnfs, libplacebo, libprotobuf, libspatialaudio,
      (v3.0.8) vlc

       GPG 2 = gnupg2, gpa, gpgme1.0, libassuan, libgcrypt20, libgpg-error,
     (v2.2.17) libksba

  Encryption = cryptsetup, libgcrypt20, libgpg-error, systemd (Xenial only)

    Graphics = cairo, exiv2, gdk-pixbuf, gexiv2, ghostscript, imagej,
               imagemagick, jasper, jbig2dec, lcms2, lensfun, leptonlib,
               libgd2, libheif, libjpeg-turbo, libpng1.6, libspiro, libwebp,
               libwmf, libzstd, nasm, opencv, openjpeg2, tesseract,
               tesseract-lang, tiff, xscreensaver

  Multimedia = aom, aribb24, asm, chromaprint, codec2, fdk-aac, flac, flite,
               frei0r, game-music-emu, graphene, gst-libav1.0, gst-plugins-
               bad1.0, gst-plugins-base1.0, gst-plugins-good1.0, gst-plugins-
               ugly1.0, gstreamer1.0, lame, libass, libbluray, libebml,
               libebur128, libmysofa, libogg, libmediainfo, libnice, libogg,
               libopenmpt, libsdl2, libsoxr, libsrtp2, libva, libva-utils,
               libvidstab, libvorbis, libvpx, libwebp, libzen, lirc,
               mediainfo, nasm, norm, opus, opus-tools, opusfile, rtmpdump,
               rubberband, shine, snappy, sndio, tinyxml2, v4l-utils,
               wavpack, webrtc-audio-processing, wildmidi, x264, x265,
               xvidcore, zeromq3

    FFmpeg 4 = ffmpeg (v4.2.1)

    FFmpeg 3 = ffmpeg (v3.4.6)
 (Xenial only)

       Games = DOSBox, DBGL (DOSBox Game Launcher), Quakespasm (Quake) &
               Yamagi Quake (Quake II) engines

   Utilities = gparted, meld, metamorphose2, minisign, psensor, rar, unrar,
               vnstat, xfe

   Backports = aria2, asm, bash, bash-completion, bcmwl, boost-defaults,
               boost1.65.1, brotli, bzip2, ca-certificates, curl, f2fs-tools,
               fontconfig, freetype, geoip, geoip-database, gettext,
               googletest, grep, gzip, harfbuzz, hdf5, hicolor-icon-theme,
               htop, icu, icu-le-hb, isync, keepass2, libidn2, libjsoncpp,
               libpsl, libsodium, libsoup2.4, libssh, libva, libva-utils,
               libvpx, libzstd, lighttpd, lz4, mate-dock-applet, mysql-
               defaults, nano, nasm, nghttp2, openssl, openssl1.0, p7zip,
               p7zip-rar, pigz, poppler, protobuf, publicsuffix, py*-boto,
               py*-httplib2, py*-imaplib2, rar, readline, sed, snappy,
               system-config-printer, tar, tinyxml, tinyxml2, unzip, wayland,
               wayland-protocols, woff2, xapian-core, xz-utils, zlib, wget

      Python = alabaster, dh-python, pygments, pysimplesoap, pytest, *attrs,
               *boto, *coverage, *funcsigs, *httplib2, *hypothesis,
               *imagesize, *imaplib2, *pluggy, *py, *typing, setuptools-scm,
               sphinx, sphinx-rtd-theme, sphinxcontrib-websupport

 Build Tools = asm, autoconf, autoconf-archive, binutils, binutils-mingw-w64,
               cmake, cowdancer, debhelper, debian-archive-keyring, debian-
               keyring, debootstrap, desktop-file-utils, devscripts, dh-
               autoreconf, dh-python, distro-info, distro-info-data, dpatch,
               dpkg, dwz, gcc-mingw-w64, git-buildpackage, googletest, gtk-
               doc, libarchive-cpio-perl, libdoxygen-filter-perl, libjsoncpp,
               libtool, make-dfsg, maven-repo-helper, meson, mingw-w64, nasm,
               ninja-build, pbuilder, pkg-kde-tools, po-debconf, po4a,
               pristine-tar, python-distro, python-launchpadlib, python-
               unidiff, quilt, scour, strip-nondeterminism, ubuntu-keyring,

     Android = *boringssl, *libselinux, *libunwind, *libnativehelper,
 (Xenial only) *system-core (incl. adb), *system-extras, f2fs-tools, p7zip

         APT = appstream, appstream-glib, apt, apt-file, aptdaemon, aptitude,
 (Xenial only) autoconf-archive, bash, bash-completion, boost-defaults,
               boost1.65.1, glib2.0, gobject-introspection, libapt-pkg-perl,
               libzstd, packagekit, python-apt, python-debian, system-config-
               printer, xapian-core

   GTK 2 & 3 = adwaita-icon-theme, glib2.0, gobject-introspection, graphene,
 (Xenial only) gtk+2.0, gtk+3.0, gtksourceview3, harfbuzz, hicolor-icon-
               theme, indicator-sound-switcher, json-glib, meld, mint-
               themes, mint-themes-gtk3, pango1.0, vala, wayland-protocols

    Qt 4 & 5 = accounts-qml-module, libaccounts-glib, libaccounts-qt,
 (Xenial only) libqtpas, openssl, polkit-qt-1, pysimplesoap, python-httplib2,
               qca2, qt3d*, qt4-x11, qt5ct, qtav, qtbase*, qtcharts*,
               qtchooser, qtconnectivity*, qtdeclarative*, qtdoc*,
               qtgraphicaleffects*, qtimageformats*, qtlocation*,
               qtmultimedia*, qtpim*, qtquickcontrols*, qtquickcontrols2*,
               qtscript*, qtsensors*, qtserialport*, qtspeech*,
               qtstyleplugins-src, qtsvg*, qttools*, qtvirtualkeyboard*,
               qtwayland*, qtwebchannel*, qtwebkit-examples*, qtwebkit*,
               qtwebsockets*, qtwebview*, qtx11extras*, qtxmlpatterns*,
               signon, signon-plugin-oauth2, signon-ui

  TeX / Live = poppler, tex-common, tex-gyre, texhyphj, texinfo, texinfo-
 (Xenial only) doc-nonfree, texlive-base, texlive-bin, texlive-extra,
               texlive-lang, texmaker, texstudio, texworks, texworks-manual

  * denotes a shorthand package name with a common prefix or suffix removed


As a new Launchpad user and PPA maintainer it is my intention to provide a selection of software packages that have been useful to me in recent years, since switching to a Ubuntu-based operating system for day-to-day use. There is a desire to give back time and energy to the free software community, from which I have greatly benefited in a number of ways throughout my life.

Linux Mint 18.1 Serena MATE (Xenial-based) is my main distro/desktop combo. Other distros are installed and in use (a quintuple-boot secondary computer and also in VMs), but Serena has been rock solid for my daily work. However, my main system is actually an unusual "Serena Enhanced" hybrid of packages & software from four distinct Ubuntu series (see this Github project page for more details about that:


There is no warranty offered / no liability assumed for any of the software packages that are published at this PPA. Some have been created due me having had patched/home-build versions running on my own system for months if not years, others are backports or new versions of software that have been on my list of desired upgrades for some time. They may work well on your system or they may not work at all and no responsibility is taken or assumed by myself for anything that might happen due use of any of these software packages.


Please report any bugs with any of these packages to me as I am very much open to improvements. From testing of the packages here on my own system and some Ubuntu virtual machines they seem to work well overall, at least for me. YMMV, as is said in this 21st century of acronym-speak, with the computer field being a central repository (pardon the pun) of almost every cryptic, obscure, convoluted acronym ever known (or unknown) to humankind! ;-)

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Personal package archives

Android - backports (Xenial only)
APT - backports (Xenial only)
Backports - various (Xenial & newer)
Build Tools - backports (Xenial & newer)
Build Tools - stage PPA (do not use)
Build Tools - test PPA (do not use)
Curl 3 & 4 - both in one (Xenial & newer)
DOSBox Game Launcher (Xenial & newer)
digiKam - photo management (Xenial & newer)
DOSBox - latest official (Xenial & newer)
DOSBox - patched SVN trunk (Xenial)
Encryption - various (Xenial & newer)
Exiv2 - image metadata (Xenial & newer)
FFmpeg 3 - backport (Xenial only)
FFmpeg 4 - media tool (Xenial & newer)
Fonts - backports (Xenial & newer)
Games - various (Xenial & newer)
GCC 7 - defaults (Xenial only)
GCC 9 - defaults (Xenial & Bionic)
GIMP - image manipulation (Xenial & newer)
GParted - partitions (Xenial & newer)
GPG - GNU Privacy Guard (Xenial & newer)
Graphics - various (Xenial & newer)
GTK 2 & 3 - backports (Xenial only)
ImageJ - image analysis (Xenial & newer)
KDE - backports (Xenial only)
MATE Dock Applet - GTK2 (Xenial)
Meld - diff tool (Xenial & newer)
M├ętamorphose2 - renamer (Xenial & newer)
Minisign - sign files (Xenial & newer)
Multimedia - various (Xenial & newer)
Python - backports (Xenial & newer)
Qt 4 & 5 - backports (Xenial only)
TeX - backports (Xenial only)
Ubuntu Enhanced (experimental)
Utilities - various (Xenial & newer)
VLC 3 - media player (Xenial & newer)
VLC 3 - MATE fullscreen (Xenial & newer)
vnStat - network usage (Xenial & newer)
Wine 2.0.5 - older but good (Xenial)
Winetricks - Wine workarounds (all)
Xfe - X File Explorer (Xenial & newer)
XScreenSaver - X11 (Xenial & newer)

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