GIMP - image manipulation (Xenial & newer)

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GIMP 2.10.36 (BABL 0.1.108, GEGL 0.4.48, G'MIC 2.9.9) for Xenial & newer.

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                GIMP - image manipulation (Xenial & newer)

babl (0.1.108), cairo (1.16.0 security fix), chafa (1.12.4), dcraw (9.28 JasPer builds), exiv2 (0.27.6), fontconfig (2.13.1), freetype (2.12.1), gegl (0.4.48), gexiv2 (0.14.2), gimp (2.10.36), gimp-dcraw (1.32), gmic (2.9.9), gtkimageview (1.6.4), harfbuzz (8.0.1), highway (1.0.7), ilmbase (3.1.10 = imath), jasper (4.2.3), jpeg-xl (0.8.2), json-c (0.17), lcms2 (2.14), lerc (4.0.0), libde265 (1.0.15), libdeflate (0.19), libheif (1.17.6), libmypaint (1.6.0), libraw (0.21.2), libspiro (20221101), libwebp (1.3.2), libwmf (0.2.12), mypaint-brushes (2.0.2), nufraw (0.43-3), openexr (3.2.4), poppler (2022.02.0), poppler-data (0.4.11), pygtk (2.24.0), rawtherapee (5.9), skcms (0.0~git20230210), suitesparse (7.1.0), tiff (4.6.1~git240130)

Focal only: libdbl-perl (1.18 = libdeflate / renamed source for i386)

Xenial & Bionic: fribidi (1.0.8), gimp-plugin-registry (9.20180625), json-c4 (renamed json-c 0.13.1), libpng1.6, pango1.0 (1.42.4), zlib

Xenial only: glib2.0 (2.56.4)


UPDATE (4 Jul 2022): GIMP >= 2.10.32 is now built with JPEG XL support!

*** Install ***

GEGL here is built with and requires FFmpeg >= 4.4 and due GIMP depending on GEGL the FFmpeg 4 PPA is required for Focal and older. Do these steps:

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/ffmpeg4
  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/gimp
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install gimp

*** Build ***

This PPA has build dependencies on:


Additionally, for Xenial systems only:


Note: The build of GIMP requires GTK 2 version 2.24.32 (newer than Xenial version 2.24.30) though this newer GTK 2 is not then required to run. Also GLib >= 2.56.2 is required to build and run, so backported GLib for Xenial is copied here from ppa:savoury1/gtk-xenial for ease of installation.

For Xenial users who want newer GTK 2 (2.24.32) & GTK 3 (3.22.30) as well as various other newer (than Xenial) GTK software packages, see the GTK 2 & 3 archive:

*** Credits ***

- Creators of GIMP: Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis and the entire GIMP team

- Package code: Debian GNOME Maintainers

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:savoury1/gimp to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/gimp
sudo apt update
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4096R/E996735927E427A733BB653E374C7797FB006459 (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Rob Savoury.

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babl 1:0.1.108-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
babl 1:0.1.108-1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
babl 1:0.1.108-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
babl 1:0.1.108-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
cairo 1.16.0-5~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
cairo 1.16.0-5~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
cairo 1.16.0-5~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
chafa 1.12.4-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
chafa 1.12.4-1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
chafa 1.12.4-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
chafa 1.12.4-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
dcraw 9.28-3+22.04.sav0.2 Rob Savoury ()
dcraw 9.28-3+20.04.sav0.2 Rob Savoury ()
dcraw 9.28-3+18.04.sav0.3 Rob Savoury ()
dcraw 9.28-3+16.04.sav0.3 Rob Savoury ()
exiv2 0.27.6-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
exiv2 0.27.6-1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
exiv2 0.27.6-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
exiv2 0.27.6-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
fontconfig 2.13.1-4.2ubuntu2~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
fontconfig 2.13.1-4.2ubuntu2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
fontconfig 2.13.1-4.2ubuntu2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freeimage 3.18.0+ds2-10~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freeimage 3.18.0+ds2-10~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freeimage 3.18.0+ds2-10~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freeimage 3.18.0+ds2-10~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freetype 2.12.1+dfsg-3ubuntu0.1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freetype 2.12.1+dfsg-3ubuntu0.1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freetype 2.12.1+dfsg-3ubuntu0.1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
freetype 2.12.1+dfsg-3ubuntu0.1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
fribidi 1.0.8-2ubuntu0.1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
fribidi 1.0.8-2ubuntu0.1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gegl 1:0.4.48-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gegl 1:0.4.48-1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gegl 1:0.4.48-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gegl 1:0.4.48-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gexiv2 0.14.2-2~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gexiv2 0.14.2-2~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gexiv2 0.14.2-2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gexiv2 0.14.2-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp 2.10.36-0ubuntu1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp 2.10.36-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp 2.10.36-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp 2.10.36-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp-dcraw 1.32-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp-dcraw 1.32-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp-plugin-registry 9.20180625~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gimp-plugin-registry 9.20180625~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
glib2.0 2.56.4-0ubuntu0.16.04.9sav1 Rob Savoury ()
gmic 2.9.9-0ubuntu1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gmic 2.9.9-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gmic 2.9.9-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gmic 2.9.9-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gtkimageview 1.6.4+dfsg-2~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gtkimageview 1.6.4+dfsg-2~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
gtkimageview 1.6.4+dfsg-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
harfbuzz 8.0.1-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
harfbuzz 8.0.1-1~20.04.sav1 Rob Savoury ()
harfbuzz 8.0.1-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
harfbuzz 8.0.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
highway 1.0.7-7~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
highway 1.0.7-7~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
highway 1.0.7-7~18.04.sav2 Rob Savoury ()
highway 1.0.7-7~16.04.sav2 Rob Savoury ()
ilmbase 3.1.10-0ubuntu1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
ilmbase 3.1.10-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
ilmbase 3.1.10-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
ilmbase 3.1.10-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jasper 4.2.3-0ubuntu1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jasper 4.2.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jasper 4.2.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jasper 4.2.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jpeg-xl 0.8.2-1~22.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jpeg-xl 0.8.2-1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jpeg-xl 0.8.2-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
175 of 164 results

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