Node.js - backports (Xenial only)

PPA description

Build of Node.js 8.17.0 and backports of Node.js stack from Bionic to Xenial.

This PPA contains a new build of Node.js 8.17.0, the final version in the 8.x LTS series. It contains many security and bug fixes beyond version 8.10.0 that is in Bionic. There is also a PPA with a handful of critical Node.js upgrades for Bionic, including Node.js 8.17.0 (see ppa:savoury1/node-bionic).

In particular, Node.js 8.11.x (largely 8.11.4) introduced critical fixes in the area of cryptography. Previous to that version, the node-diffie-hellman 5.0.2 package from Bionic would consistently FTBFS with the final three tests to do with prime numbers always failing. With Node.js 8.17.0 those DH prime tests work fine and the DH package builds successfully with tests enabled.

Also, along with Node.js 8.17.0 much of the Bionic era Node.js 8.10 stack is backported here for Xenial. This brings a much more recent Node.js and also Node.js stack to Xenial than the old version 4.2.6 in the official repos.

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Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:savoury1/node-xenial to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/node-xenial
sudo apt update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

deb xenial main 
deb-src xenial main 
Signing key:
4096R/E996735927E427A733BB653E374C7797FB006459 (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Rob Savoury.

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acorn 5.4.1+ds1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
backbone 1.3.3~dfsg-3~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
c-ares 1.18.1-1ubuntu0.16.04.2sav0 Rob Savoury ()
chafa 1.12.4-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
codemirror-js 5.19.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
coffeescript 1.12.7~dfsg-3~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
colors.js 1.1.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
curl 7.88.1-11+16.04.sav4 Rob Savoury ()
d3 3.5.17-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
d3-format 1:1.0.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
grunt 1.0.1-8ubuntu0.1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
harfbuzz 8.3.0-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
highlight.js 9.12.0+dfsg1-4~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
http-parser 2.9.4-6~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
icu 60.2-6ubuntu1.2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
icu-le-hb 1.0.3+git161113-5~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jquery 3.2.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jquery-goodies 12-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jquery-tablesorter 1:2.29.5+dfsg1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jquery-throttle-debounce 1.1+dfsg.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jquery-typeahead.js 2.10.4+dfsg1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
jqueryui 1.12.1+dfsg-5ubuntu0.16.04.1~esm3~sav0 Rob Savoury ()
libjs-bootswatch 3.3.7+dfsg2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
libjs-qunit 1.22.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
libjs-term.js 0.0.7-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
libuv1 1.34.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
nettle 3.7.3-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
nghttp2 1.55.1-1ubuntu0.2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-abbrev 1.0.9-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-acorn-dynamic-import 3.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-acorn-jsx 4.1.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-acorn-object-spread 5.1.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-after 0.8.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ajv 5.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ajv-keywords 2.1.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ansi-escapes 3.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ansi-font 0.0.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ansi-regex 3.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ansi-styles 3.2.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-any-promise 1.3.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-anymatch 1.3.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-archy 1.0.0-1ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-argparse 1.0.9-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-arr-diff 4.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-arr-flatten 1.1.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-arr-union 3.1.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-array-differ 1.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-array-find-index 1.0.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-array-flatten 2.1.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-array-union 1.0.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-array-uniq 1.0.3-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-array-unique 0.3.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-arrify 1.0.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-asn1 0.2.3-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-asn1.js 5.0.0-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-assert 1.4.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-assert-plus 1.0.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-assertion-error 1.0.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ast-types 0.11.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-ast-util 0.6.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-async 0.8.0-3~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-async-each 1.0.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babel 6.26.0+dfsg-3build6~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babel-eslint 7.2.3-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babel-loader 7.1.2-4~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babel-plugin-add-module-exports 0.2.1-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babel-preset-airbnb 2.4.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babel-preset-env 1.6.0-1build4~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-babylon 6.18.0-2build3~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-balanced-match 0.4.2-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-base 0.11.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-base64-js 1.2.3+dfsg-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-bash-match 0.2.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-bcrypt-pbkdf 1.0.1-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
node-beeper 1.1.0-1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
175 of 632 results

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