KDE 5.80.x - backports (Xenial & newer)

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Backport of KDE 5.80 stack (and dependencies) for Xenial, Bionic & Focal.

This PPA depends on Qt 5.15.x backports so follow all instructions here:


Update (8 Sep 2021): All packages to install the kde-full metapackage (the complete KDE software compilation) are now backported & this PPA is done!

Notes about KDE versions: There are various versions used for KDE packages and the version 5.80 for this PPA is that of KDE Frameworks (KDE Plasma is version 5.21.4 here while application layer packages are version 20.12.3).

Notes for Xenial & Bionic: KDE 4 software requires kde-runtime which then requires kde-style-breeze-qt4 yet this style package is no longer built by newer Breeze (>= 5.19.0). This means new KDE/Plasma desktop which requires new Breeze cannot be co-installed with kde-runtime. This means upgrading to the new KDE desktop here will remove _all_ KDE 4 packages and software.

If the following message appears after running "sudo apt-get upgrade" once everything else has been upgraded then there are KDE 4 packages installed on the system (which depend on kde-runtime and then kde-style-breeze-qt4):

  The following packages have been kept back:

Software that depends on Qt 4 only (not KDE 4) such as various builds of older Qt 4 software found on Xenial & Bionic _will_ still be able to run successfully, using a backport of the final version of qt4-x11 from Debian (package version 20) that is compatible with latest Qt/KDE backports here (that qt4-x11 package is at the Qt 5.15.x PPA, including a Focal build).

In summary, on Xenial & Bionic one can install the new KDE desktop losing all KDE 4 software OR not install the desktop keeping KDE 4 software. To perform the upgrade to the new Breeze (and the removal of KDE 4 software) on systems with the above quoted "kept back" message run this one command:

  sudo apt-get install kde-style-breeze

Notes about Plasma with Compiz: According to information found online it is possible to run the KDE 5 Plasma desktop with Compiz. This requires the installation of the Emerald window decorator and themes, plus Fusion Icon. To achieve this on Ubuntu systems with SavOS backports follow these steps after following all instructions found at the Qt 5.15.x PPA (link above):

  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/display
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install emerald-themes fusion-icon

Installing just those two packages mentioned will bring in all the needed Compiz packages as well. This is based on instructions for openSUSE here:


*** Build ***

This PPA has build dependencies on:


Additionally, for Xenial & Bionic:


Additionally, for Xenial only:


Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:savoury1/kde-5-80 to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/kde-5-80
sudo apt-get update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/savoury1/kde-5-80/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
Signing key:
4096R/E996735927E427A733BB653E374C7797FB006459 (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Rob Savoury.

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akonadi 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav1 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav1 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav1 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-calendar 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-calendar 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-calendar 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-calendar-tools 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-calendar-tools 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-calendar-tools 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-contacts 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-contacts 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-contacts 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-import-wizard 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-import-wizard 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-import-wizard 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-mime 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-mime 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-mime 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-notes 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-notes 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-notes 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-search 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-search 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadi-search 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadiconsole 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadiconsole 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akonadiconsole 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akregator 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akregator 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
akregator 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
analitza 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
analitza 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
analitza 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
ark 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
ark 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
ark 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
artikulate 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
artikulate 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
artikulate 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
attica-kf5 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
attica-kf5 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
attica-kf5 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
audiocd-kio 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
audiocd-kio 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
audiocd-kio 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
avogadrolibs 1.93.1-2~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
avogadrolibs 1.93.1-2~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
avogadrolibs 1.93.1-2~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
baloo-kf5 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
baloo-kf5 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
baloo-kf5 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
baloo-widgets5 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
baloo-widgets5 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
baloo-widgets5 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
blinken 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
blinken 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
blinken 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bluedevil 4:5.21.4-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bluedevil 4:5.21.4-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bluedevil 4:5.21.4-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bluez-qt 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bluez-qt 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bluez-qt 5.80.0-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bomber 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bomber 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bomber 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
boost1.71 1.71.0-6~18.04.sav1 Rob Savoury ()
boost1.71 1.71.0-6~16.04.sav1 Rob Savoury ()
bovo 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bovo 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
bovo 4:20.12.3-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
breeze 4:5.21.4-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
breeze 4:5.21.4-0ubuntu1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
breeze 4:5.21.4-0ubuntu1~16.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
breeze-gtk 5.21.4-0ubuntu1~20.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
175 of 1116 results

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