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I am a Realtor in San Diego County specializing in residential properties. My wife and I work out of our home in Ramona, CA. In past lives I have marketed and configured data and voice communications for a regional long distance carrier, sold, insurance, mutual funds and of all things... club memberships to a shareware packaging and distributing company. (not one of my better moments but it put bread on the table). I also spent 15 years with Radio Shack managing 11 different outlets and training LOTS of people. That's where I got my first taste of computers. TRS-80 mod 1,2,3,4 - Tandy 1000,2000 etc.... I'm a fairly proficient user of Windows and am often the guru for the people I know.

Ubuntu was an entirely new environment for me and I've enjoyed learning it since the 5.04 release. I've become proficient enough using it that I now know how much I really don't know. It's always an adventure! I enjoy helping on #ubuntu when I can and really get a kick out of actually helping people solve their issues. Photography is another passion I have. Collecting cameras & equipment, doing more of the artsy photos, some weddings, charity events, reunions. Motorcycling, boating & traveling are also current activities including teaching Tang Soo Do when the Do Jang needs help.

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