"It’s interesting what she said about the gloryholes though." Jay said, holding my hand tight on her breast. "How can she let herself be fucked by total strangers that she can’t see?"

I reached for my phone and soon had a video up of a woman in a gloryhole. Jay watched as the woman entered the booth, spoke to whoever was filming her about being excited before she dropped to her knees and started sucking a cock poking through the hole in the wall. The man knocked on the partition and then came in the woman’s open mouth. She then undressed and started sucking a cock on the opposite wall. After a while she stood up and bent over the hole. The camera moved underneath and clearly showed her getting fucked bareback. A short while later the man knocked on the wall and came in her, cum leaking out from the woman’s cunt and almost dropping on the camera. The woman got on her knees and sucked the remainder from the cock before proceeding to suck another cock from the other side. The film clip was only fifteen minutes long, more of an edited account of a night spent in the booth. We watched as the woman swallowed six amounts of cum and barebacked three times, each man cumming in her.

Jay had started rubbing her clit throughout the film, her breathing weas heavy and she was clearly enjoying the film. She kept swigging out of the wine bottle and the drink was really having an effect.

"Lucky cow," she said as she rubbed herself harder. "Oh fuck, I wish I could be brave enough to do that."

She had started to rub my cock through my jeans as she talked and feeling me getting hard, started to unbutton the fly. I turned myself to face where her head lay and edged my cock in her mouth. She gently and slowly sucked the helmet before taking it fully down. She sucked for a couple of minutes then said,

"I am so ready for a good fucking right now."

She took my cock back into her mouth and continued to rub herself, little groans coming from her as she sped up, nearing orgasm.

Fuck, it felt good.

She licked my helmet and ran her teeth gently up and down before taking fully into her mouth again.

"I’m a dirty slut," she said, as she panted with pleasure as her fingers were getting faster. She inserted three fingers into her cunt and started fucking herself. "And tonight, I’m to be treated like a bad, dirty little slut."

And then there was a knock on the door.

I reluctantly stood up and buttoned up my jeans while Jay laid back down, clearly frustrated. She removed her fingers from her cunt and then reached for a chocolate.

I grabbed two of the fans and placed them by the door. I opened it to Jim and Simon who were stood dressed more casual to when I saw them a while ago.

"Hi Guys," I said.

"Hi," they replied.

"Hi," shouted jay a bit too loud from around the corner.

"Hi Jay. You alright?" shouted Simon back to her.

"Oh, I’m just fine, baby." She shouted back in a teasing, yet slightly drunk, sexy voice.

"She alright?" asked Jim quietly

I did the hand-drinking sign and they both nodded in understanding. I went to grab the fans to pass them out when Jay shouted with a bit of a slur,

"I’ve got a new trick. Wanna see it?"

"I don’t think Simon and Jim do." I said back. "They’re just on their way out."

"Nonsense, nonsense, come in," she shouted louder. The door was wide open and her voice had carried down the corridor causing an old couple to look down at us.

"They really are on their way out," I said to her, hoping she would let them leave.

"Who wants a chocolate?" she shouted, even louder. The couple actually stopped walking and looked back at us, shaking their heads

Oh, fuck it

"Come in, come in," I said to them and waved them in.

Hi Jay," said Jim as he walked around the corner which was followed by "oh fuck."

Jay was still lying across the bed, on her elbows with her legs wide open.

"Watch this," she slurred. She took a chocolate and pushed it into her cunt. There was a moment of silence before it re-emerged and fell out onto the bed.

"That’s yours Jim. Come and get it." She said pushing another one in. "Simon’s is just coming." Jim hesitated, looked at me, then walked over and picking it up, put it in his mouth

"Yummy," he said, obviously humouring her.

Simon went over and caught the chocolate as it came out and also put it in his mouth.

"Well done, Jay," he said. "It’s like I’m back in Bangkok."

He stepped back to where me and Jim were stood. I apologetically shook my head, but they gave me the ‘it’s okay’ look.

"Stay and have a drink," Jay said reaching for the wine bottle, now almost empty.

"They’re on their way-out Jay," I said. "They’ve come for the fans."

"Oh, go on, stay for a drink. Have a…quickie." She giggled before draining the bottle.

She stood up and walked past us to the table where the drinks were. She opened the remaining three cans of Guinness and passed them to each of us before taking the other bottle of wine to the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened it, took a swig, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as a little drip dropped out.

Jim and Simon looked at me and I indicated that they should sit down on the only two chairs. There was a bit of an uncomfortable silence as Jay took little sips from the bottle and smiled at the three of us.

"I’ve been a naughty girl today." She said with a cheeky grin.

"Oh fuck," I accidently said out loud, causing all three to look at me. I realised what I had done and said to Jay calmly,

"I’m sure they’re not interested in our day."

"Oh, I bet you’re wrong there." She said with a big, exaggerated wink.

I looked at both Jim and Simon and felt sorry for them. They must have felt uncomfortable with Jay being naked and more than a bit drunk, although, judging by the way they were sat, I swear they were both getting hard. Hardly surprising judging by the way Jay had performed her new skill.

"I’ve been a very naughty girl." She giggled

They both looked at me and I just shrugged.

"A very…very, naughty girl." She laughed, swaying on the bed.

"Yes, you have," I replied. I needed to end this. "A very naughty girl. Now, I expect Simon and Jim have to be going soon."

They got up to leave but then Jay said,

"I’ve been a naughty girl and I deserve a spanking."

Now, Jay did enjoy a good spanking. She gets some sort of kick about being admonished and I think the pain factor, albeit slight, gets her juices flowing. We’ve used table tennis bats, a spatula and, once, a belt (although she had a massive orgasm, it did leave her marked and very sore for a couple of days and decide against using it again). It had been a while since I had last bent her over and given her a light thrashing. I hoped Simon and Jim would go soon so I could punish her myself for being a ‘very naughty girl.’

"A good, hard spanking," she continued. She stood up and swayed a little before putting her finger up and saying,

"But first I need to pee. Sit yourselves down. I won’t be long" She pointed to the chairs and they both obediently obeyed. She walked over to the bathroom and before she shut the door she leaned around, with her breasts swaying from side to side and said, "Don’t you go away now."

She shut the door and I looked over to Simon and Jim and said,

"I am so sorry guys. She was half-pissed when we got back earlier and, as you can see, she’s done another bottle since we’ve been back." I said apologetically. "She’s never normally like this."

"It’s fine," Jim replied. "We all have a little too much now and then. It happens."

"Yeah," said Simon agreeing with Jim. "We all have to unwind a bit. I don’t know what you guys got up to today, but whatever it was has certainly had an effect. She seems randy as hell."

"We should go," said Jim standing up. "Leave you two to have some fun."

Jay had heard this because she shouted from in the bathroom,

"Don’t you leave. I’ll be out shortly."

We heard the toilet flush followed by the sink being filled. Jim looked at me and I said,

"Stay and humour her for five minutes. She’s having a bit of a ‘slut fantasy’ and I’m just letting her get it out of her system. The way she’s going with the drink though, she’ll probably crash soon."

Jim sat down and carried on drinking his Guinness. There was a few moments of uncomfortable silence as we heard splashing coming from behind the bathroom door along with Jay singing, or rather drunkenly trying to sing, ‘Love to love you, baby.’

"So, how was work?" I asked, trying to break the silence.

Simon started to tell me a bit about what he and Jim do and how their day had gone with Jim contributing. The industry they worked in was interesting and the conversation flowed along.

 It must have been about twenty minutes before the bathroom door opened and Jay stepped out. There was a freshness about her. She’s brushed her hair and put a hint of make up on. I must admit, remembering it now, she looked fucking gorgeous.

She’d bought a glass out of the bathroom and filled it full with wine before taking a big sip and sitting back down on the bed.

"So, you’ve had a god day then?" Simon asked her.

"Oh," she replied looking disappointed. "Has Steve already told you? I wanted to tell you"

"No, Steve hasn’t said a word." Jim said finishing his drink

"Goody," she replied and after taking another big sip of her wine said, "Because I want to tell you and my version of events is far, far better."

She took another big sip then continued,

"I’ve been a bad, bad girl and I need to be spanked for each of my indiscretions. Would you like to hear about them? Because if you do, I want you to spank me every one I tell you and the naughtier you judge my actions to be, the harder I should have my bottom spanked. I deserve to be punished for being such a very, very naughty girl."

She was addressing Simon and Jim and looking from one to the other. She then put her empty glass down and got on her hands and knees on the bed, legs spread apart with her back to us. Her pussy and arsehole looking invitingly tempting. She looked behind and said,

"Simon one side, Jim the other. Come on."

Simon looked at me, indicated to his watch and mouthed ‘five minutes,’ and then pointed to the door, meaning they would humour her then leave.

They stood either side of her then Simon asked,

"What have you done today Jay?"

"I bought a G-string and when the wind lifted my skirt, everyone could see my cunt and arse."


Jay yelped as Simon slapped her left arse cheek then rubbed it gently.

Then what?" asked Jim

"I bent over in a sex shop and let a complete stranger finger me."

Jim looked over at me and I nodded in agreement.


Jim smacked her right arse cheek and also gently rubbed it.

"I then gave the same stranger a blow job at the back of the sex shop and swallowed all his hot sticky cum." She said.


Simon hit her harder this time and she yelled a little longer before she started breathing heavily, starting to enjoy the short, intense pain. Simon carried on rubbing her cheek as she said,

"We had lunch with a pair of Dutch swingers and we’re meeting up with them in Soho tomorrow night."

Jim smacked her arse hard and she almost fell forward from the force. He rubbed her arse cheek where it was quickly turning red. Simon hadn’t stopped rubbing and I noticed that his fingers had edged toward her bum crack and was gently rubbing along the inner edge. I also noticed that they both had hard-ons, pressing against their trousers.

"We then," Jay said between heavy breaths, "enticed the same stranger who I blew, up here and I kissed him."

A big smack from Simon, followed by fingers now running up and down the inside of her arse crack

"He fingered my arse,"

A big smack from Jim whose fingers were rubbing under her arse and on the edge of her pussy lips

"I took his virginity"

A big slap from Simon, his fingers rubbing just by her arsehole.

"I…took...all his cum in my cunt AND I FUCKING LOVED IT. "

Both Simon and Jim looked at each other and simultaneously slapped her arse, very hard. Jay fell forward with the force and lay on the bed, face down in the mattress to muffle her scream.

Simon looked at me and asked "Really?"

I nodded and got thumbs up from them both.

Jay lifted her head and breathlessly said,

"I don’t care which one of you it is but will someone please FUCK ME!"

We all looked at each other not moving. All three of us were hard and clearly excited by Jays words and actions. In the end I made the decision and took it.

"Let’s fuck the slut." I said, not really meaning the insult but playing along with her current persona. "Let’s really fuck her and punish her for being a bad, bad girl."

Shoes, trouser, shirts and underwear was thrown off as we quickly undressed. Simon was naked first. He reached over her, grabbed her hair and pulling her head back said in a threatening manner.

"So, you’re a little slut are you? Do you want to be fucked like a dirty little slut?"

"Yes," she replied. "Fuck me like the slut I’ve become."

Simon reached down and lifted her hips before plunging his massive, black cock straight into her. The spanking had excited her and made her wet but the big cock going straight in shocked her. Her held her by her hair and started to fuck her, very hard and very fast.

After watching Jay take this for a couple of minutes, Jim walked around to the other side of the bed and put his cock to her mouth.

"Suck my cock slut." He ordered. Simon let go of her hair and so she could take Jim’s cock fully into her mouth. He didn’t hold back and started to force his cock deeper and deeper down her. At first she seemed to gag but was soon taking it fully in, the rocking motion of Simon ponding her making Jim’s cock slide in and out the whole length.

I reached under her and started to pinch her nipples, gently at first then harder and harder. She was trying to scream but couldn’t with Jim’s cock sliding in and out of her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut and took all the hard thrusting from both ends.

Simon then pulled out so I took his place. I shoved my cock into her cunt hard and carried on fucking her with more force than normal. Simon reached down and held her arse cheeks open, exposing her arsehole fully. He spat a few times on it then poked his forefinger straight in, up to the knuckle without stopping. Jay pulled Jim’s cock out of her mouth and squealed into the mattress. Whether this was through pain or pleasure I didn’t know, nor did it matter. I figured that this behaviour of hers must be a combination of the drink and her wanting a ‘slut fantasy,’ and I was more than happy to play along.

Simon pulled his finger out of her arse and plunged it straight back in again. He did this several times, going faster with each thrust. He lined up another finger then with both tips just in her arse he parted them sideways, expanding the hole so he could spit directly down into the hole. Jay had Jim’s cock sliding deep in and out of her throat and couldn’t give any sign of protest apart from muffled groans. Simon finger fucked her arse with two fingers as I continued to fuck her, grabbing any spare flesh around her hips, and pulling her on to me with each thrust. I could feel Simons fingers in her arse as I fucked her. A strange, but not entirely unpleasant feeling.

Jim pulled his cock from her mouth and moved around to where I stood fucking her. He tapped me on the shoulder and said in a voice loud enough for Jay’s benefit,

"Can I fuck the slut now?"

"Oh, fuck yes," Jay panted, answering for me. Simon removed his fingers from her arse and moved over Jay so he was standing in front of her while I moved aside and lay down to watch her take Simon’s cock in her throat.

"Suck my big black cock, bitch," Simon demanded as Jim slid his cock into her loose cunt. He held on to the back of her head and with a quick thrust forward forced his cock deep into her open mouth but the length and girth was too much and she gagged violently and started to pound on the bed with her fist, as it stared to choke her.

He removed his cock, knelt down to her head and said softly, "Are you okay?"

She looked up at him, still moving forward and backwards from Jim thrusting into her, make up smeared and eyes that had clearly been watering answered in a quiet voice, "Yeah, I’m fine."

"Okay. We can stop at any time. This is your fantasy." He said stroking her face where tears were starting to fall down her cheek

"No," she slurred, the drink still having its effect. "You can do whatever the fuck you want to me, just don’t kill me."

She reached for his cock and slowly slid it into her mouth. She managed to stretch her lips around it but could only take it half-down at first. She bopped her head up and down on it, still being rocked by Jim and slowly took him deep down. She sucked him for a short while then came up for air, long traces of saliva dripping down her face. I stood to the side watching and wanking, enjoying the view.

Jim then leaned down to her and whispered, "I’m going to fuck your arse now slut."

She pulled Simons cock out of her mouth and shouted, "Do it then."

Jim didn’t hesitate. He removed his cock from her cunt, lined it up to her puckered arse hole and pushed it in, forcing the helmet to expand the hole which made Jay wince. The head slowly went in, and with a sharp thrust was quickly followed by the whole length. She grabbed on to the side of the bed, squeezed her eyes shut and let the short, sharp shock of pain subside before being replaced by the pleasure of having his cock deep in the walls of her arse. He started to fuck her slow at first then built up a faster rhythm, pulling her back on to him and he thrust in and out, taking almost the entire length out before quickly plunging back into her. Jay took Simons cock out of her mouth to wank him so she could groan with each thrust, wide mouthed and eyes tight shut.

"Do you like that, Slut?" Jim asked in a commanding tone. "Do you like having a big, fat cock up your arse?"

"Yes," Jay breathlessly and drunkenly replied. "I love having a big, fat cock up my arse."

Jim carried on fucking her arse, harder and harder with each thrust, the whole length in her, hammering hard and making Jay move forward and back across the bed with some force

Jim removed his cock from her arse and plunged it in to her cunt, continuing the fast pace as he fucked her, harder with each thrust. Simon moved around to watch, wanking to keep his own cock hard while I took his place and eased my cock into Jays mouth. She dep-throated me and the rocking motion caused by Jim made the sensation more extreme. She looked up at me and winked, clearly enjoying the fantasy.

After a couple of minutes Jays legs started to shake with an orgasm and Jim shouted, "Oh fuck!"

The look on his face and the quickening pace told me that he was cumming. I moved my cock out of her mouth and she screamed into the mattress with her own orgasm and I saw droplets of her ejaculate falling on the bed sheet. Jim stopped pumping and stayed in her for a minute, gripping her hips and getting his breath back before withdrawing to be replaced by Simon. He shoved his cock in her hard and pounded her with such force that she almost fell off the bed. I watched as she took his entire length and girth, his cock was very big but she handled it well, lubricated by Jim’s cum.

After a couple of minutes, he stopped, pulled out and having lined his cock helmet to her arsehole, slowly pushed it in. Jay screamed again into the mattress as her tight hole stretched to take his helmet followed by the entire length slipping slowly into her arse. He wasn’t gentle with fucking her.

He pounded her, grabbing her hair, and pulling her back onto him with each thrust, Jay screaming with each thrust. He put his hands around her neck and, without choking her, used this as the support so he could pull almost entirely out before thrusting deep and fast into her.

Jays eyes were watering and with each thrust of his cock in her arse she gave out a loud yell, digging her nails into the mattress for support. She had parted her legs as far as she could to accommodate Simon so he could pound deeper and deeper into her.

He then stopped and slowly withdrew his cock. I watched closely as her arsehole slowly closed and her body relaxed having been tense throughout the pounding. He lined his cock to her cunt and slipped it easily in. He gripped on to her shoulders and fucked her hard. Jay started screaming ‘YES, YES,’ as her second orgasm hit and within a minute Simon groaned, sped up in her and started cumming. He slowed his pace as he fucked her with long and slow thrusts, unloading deep into her cunt before stopping altogether to catch his breath

He pulled his cock slowly out and Jay collapsed on to the bed, legs spread wide and cum starting to slowly trickle out of her cunt and pool on the sheet. She was breathing heavy and her legs were shaking, still going through her orgasm.

I was fit to burst, my cock red from the constant wanking while watching Jay get serviced by them both. I was going to fuck her but held back. She was still laying on her front on the bed, legs giving little spasms and slight moans leaving her mouth. I didn’t want to fuck her this way, I wanted some response from her, for her to know it was me fucking her and not just another cock in her.

I turned to the guys who had started getting dressed and said,

"I’ll give her a little while to get her breath back."

"Good idea," said Simon. "She looks knackered. Don’t wait too long though, she’ll probably pass out soon."

I nodded in agreement.

"Are you okay with this?" asked Jim pulling his shoes on. "It seems like she’s getting a lot of unexpected cock."

"This has never happened to us before," I confessed quietly. "I’ve fantasised over it happening before, but never thought it would actually happen."

"Well," said Simon. "You’re becoming one hell of a cuckold."

"Fuck," I replied surprised. "You’re right. I’m becoming a cuckold."

I hadn’t even looked at it that way. I was enjoying watching Jay getting fucked. I was becoming a true cuckold.

"Mate, I envy you," said Jim with a big smile. "If I was married and my missus was cool with being fucked in front of me, I’d love it."

The guys headed to the door and picked up a fan each. I walked over and shook both their hands, not sure how to say goodbye after what just happened.

Simon put his hand on my shoulder and said,

"You’ll be alright Steve, both of you. You’re both in love and this may well be just a blip, or it could be the start of a journey to something special for both of you. When you get home, it may well all end so my advice to you is make the most of it. If she’s cool with it and you are, then enjoy yourselves while you can. So many people spend their married lives not talking openly about their sexual desires and not doing anything like this, yet, probably secretly craving it. If nothing else happens this week, then so be it. But if the chance is there and she’s willing, then explore it, embrace it, and make the most of it. You’re such nice people. We all said so yesterday when the group of us discussed what happened the night before. You both deserve to be happy in ways that you’ve never thought you could be"

I wanted to hug hm for his kind words but I was still naked and would have been very inappropriate.

They both shook my hand again.

"Maybe we’ll all meet for a drink one evening?" asked Jim. "No funny business, just a nice social drink. The others have the wives down at the moment and I’m sure they would love to meet you."

"Really?" I asked, eyebrows raised.

"Yeah," Simon replied. "Obviously we won’t tell the wives what happened, we’ll come up with a story but the wives will love you…especially Jay."

Again, I noticed a look pass between them. What was it about those wives?

"Okay," I replied. "Give us a shout but let me know the story first."

"Will do." Said Jim and they left with a fan each.

I turned back to Jay and Simon was right, she had passed out.

There goes my shag.

I looked down on her. She had stopped moving and seemed as if she had passed out. Her legs were spread and cum was covering the entry to her cunt. The pussy lips was coated in it and a pool of it was still in the entrance to her hole.

I grabbed some tissues and, without disturbing her, wiped up what was on the mattress and binned it.

I knelt down and looked closely at her cunt, at the cum splattered around and the pool of it still slowly trickling out. I leant forward and using my fingers, parted her pussy lips and started to lick upwards, getting thick globules of the still warm cum on my tongue. I took it in and swallowed.

Not too bad.

I leaned forward and dug my tongue deeper into her, licking out all I could and savouring each drop before taking it down. Jay didn’t react. She was totally out of it.

A voice in my head said, ‘fuck her,’ but I didn’t. Not this way.

It could wait until she’s awake, maybe later.

More likely tomorrow, before we have a drink with the Dutch swingers

Part Five cumming very soon.

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