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working on a telepathy logger I noticed an issue of how logging/retrieving contact interactions could be a challenge. There are 3 types of interaction with contacts: * Messaging * Calling * Filetransfer === MESSAGING === So with Messaging I have to proposed solutions and would like you to pick out the best fit. B...
Aggregating document events through window focus. This way we can determine document context usage better!
Tracker extension for Zeitgeist Extensions
an extenstion to use Tracker for search results and new querying. This will require a WHOLE NEW API for the extension. So we won't touch the current API in any way.
Focus-register Extension for Zeitgeist Extensions
This extension will take einalex's and seif's work on the focus stuff and add them as an extension this would allow us to determine how long something had the focus and statistically which documents are used together.

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