Sense Egbert Hofstede

I'm [ˈsɛn.sə ˈɛɣ.bərt ˈɦɔf.steː.də], a Dutch male, 18 years old and was born in the city of Groningen, although I've lived in the province of Friesland my whole life. At the moment I'm reading Computer Science at the University of Groningen.

I am Councillor of Ubuntu Nederland, Frisian Translation Coordinator at GNOME and active in Bug Control.

 For a complete list of my present and past activities, have a look at my wiki page <>, or at the list of websites below.

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Task management for Ubuntu Wanted
Manage tasks, approve new tasks and easily browse a list of them.
Application System for Ubuntu Wanted
Application system allowing a poster to either select the formal or the informal way. The formal way requires a processing system at the website.
Team Support for Ubuntu Wanted
Authentication and assignation support for Launchpad Ubuntu teams.
Tasks for Ubuntu Wanted
Objects describing a task within the Ubuntu Community that needs one or more persons to do it.

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