PHP 5.2 builds

PPA description

A php-5.2 packages.

It can be installed with other my php build versions.
Even with system version.
Or it can pretend to be system version.

If you want to use PHP packages you'll need to add:
- ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/backports
- ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/packages
to get backported packages and libraries

If you want to rebuild PHP packages you'll need to add:
- ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/toolchain
to get backported toolchain packages

To control enabled modules - use cute tool - php-modset (php52-modset).

If you want use additional extensions you'll need add one of PPAs:
- ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/php-modules
- ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/php52-modules

To use php-5.2 as system PHP - install `*php52p*` packages.
They provide alias names like system packages.

Build is Not-Thread-Safe. So it will work only with 'prefork' or 'itk' apache mpm.

== Attention! ==

PHP 5.2 is officially EOL. No security patches any more.
Not recommended to use. Only if things (code) really bad.
All users encouraged to switch to the most recent version!

Some backported libraries moved to backports ppa.
You should add it to the system.

Beware! Precise is obsolete and packages will not be updated!
For Precise packages follow

Lucid is obsolete and packages will not be updated!
For Lucid packages follow

== Changes ==

A huge update, alot patches/fixes/merges.
Add interbase/firebird module

Extension 'mysqli' which uses stock libmysqlclinent library is broken on Xenial!
Solution is to use mysql-5.5 client library backported in `packages` ppa.

- openssl module builded with openssl-1.0.1 from packages ppa.

- Updated or fixed all copyrights shipped with original Debian/Ubuntu packages. No one forgotten I hope.
- openssl module builded with openssl-0.9.8 from packages ppa.
- Debian and unofficial patchsets updated
- Added upstart and systemd init scripts for cgi-daemon

By default timezone now UTC.

Package names changes:
- php52-apache2 -> libapache2-mod-php52
- php52-mod-pdo -> gone into php
- php52-mod-mysql now has inside mysql, mysqli, pdo-mysql
- php52-mod-pgsql now has inside pgsql, pdo-pgsql
- php52-mod-sqlite now has inside sqlite, pdo-sqlite

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/php52 to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sergey-dryabzhinsky/php52
sudo apt update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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Signing key:
1024R/E2191A3374CEFC7A5AD07D05CD44D3EE9CE1C29A (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact SergeyD.

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php52 1:5.2.17-1sergeyd16.2~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52 1:5.2.17-1sergeyd16.2~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52 1:5.2.17-1sergeyd16.2~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52 1:5.2.17-1sergeyd16.2~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-intl 3.0.0-1sergey2.1~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-intl 3.0.0-1sergey2~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-intl 3.0.0-1sergey2~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-intl 3.0.0-1sergey2~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-xdebug 2.2.7-2sergeyd1~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-xdebug 2.2.7-2sergeyd1~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-xdebug 2.2.7-2sergeyd1~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-xdebug 2.2.7-2sergeyd1~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-zendoptimizer 3.3.9-1sergey1.2~20.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-zendoptimizer 3.3.9-1sergey1.2~18.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-zendoptimizer 3.3.9-1sergey1.2~16.04.1 SergeyD ()
php52-mod-zendoptimizer 3.3.9-1sergey1.2~14.04.1 SergeyD ()
116 of 16 results

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  • php52-mod-intl 116 weeks ago
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