I'm a teacher at secondary school (Formació Professional - Professional Training) in Catalonia and also train other teachers (colleages) in Open Source related skills at ICE (Educational Science Institute) at Politechnic University of Catalonia.

I'm a Free Software enthusiast since open source tools help me to finish succesfully my final project in telecommunications at 2002.

I actively collaborate in Free Software promotion and advocacy by carrying several tasks such as:

 * Teaching collegues
 * Being a member of the "Càtedra de Programari Lliure de la UPC" (http://www.cpl.upc.edu/).
 * Participating and helping people in several free software-related catalan (and other languages) mailing lists.
 * Co-organizing the "Jornades de Programari Lliure" (http://jornadespl.upc.es/).

Mi curriculum vitae (in catalan) can be found at:


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