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For the C# signal script, the signal shape name will be added to the CsSignalScript class. This could be used to determine the speed limit of the switchable speed sign (for existing signals which signal type doesn't indicate the speed limit). Also, initialization of C# signal scripts will be reworked a bit because,...
TCS extensions for Open Rails
Two additions will be made in the SignalFeatures struct: - In addition to the main head signal type name, the struct will also contain the name of the signal type for the current head (which will be different for the other heads of the signal). - In addition to the aspect of the signal, the name of the draw state wi...
The parameters BrakeCutsPowerAtBrakePipePressure and BrakeRestoresPowerAtBrakePipePressure were added in order to cut power for locomotives fitted with vacuum brake system. These parameters are also useful for the pneumatic brake system and should be managed by the Train Control System class (it already manages the ...
Currently, for signals fitted with C# scripts, you still need to use the MSTS aspect to set the speed limit. The idea is to be able to set the speed limit from the C# signal script and to indicate if it is a target speed or execution speed.

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