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Scripts refactoring for Open Rails
Currently, scripts uses mostly delegates in order to give the scripts access to some data from the simulator. This is inefficient and a bit annoying to maintain. The idea is to convert every script classes to the same design pattern as for the C# signal scripts: - The script class contains an internal reference to t...
Currently, you can't mouse control the brake controller scripts because it is missing some of the variables needed to calculate the position change. The missing variables are IntermediateValue and CurrentNotch (which are obtained in a weird way in the case of the MSTS brake controller).
Dual-mode locomotives for Open Rails
Dual-mode locomotives and multiple units are more and more common. A new class MSTSDualModeLocomotive will be introduced. At first, it will allow the use of the following modes: - Pantograph - Diesel engine Later, the following modes may be added (but it will require the modelization of the corresponding power sou...
An electric locomotive may need several selectors. The most common are the following: - Pantograph selector: a locomotive may raise the pantograph at the front or at the rear or both. - Voltage selector: a locomotive needs to configure its systems in order to accept the right voltage from the overhead wire. - Power ...
Steps: - Switch to new project format - Switch to new C# script compiler implementation - Switch to external Gettext library (perpetualKid implementation ?) - Switch to external OpenAL library - Switch to external MonoGame library - Switch to .Net 5

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