Former developer for Xubuntu, also contributed to Exaile, Ubuntu translations and various small-scale projects.

A long time ago, I have signed the Ubuntu CoC. I have changed my mind.

Currently working on changing the world of desktop computing for end-users at University College London!

Also involved in Xfce in various ways. I help out with UI design, perform UX evaluation, and very occasionally read and write code. - -

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Tracking reports made to upstream projects on misuse of GTK+ and other APIs, as applications are monitored and inconsistent behaviour noticed. Ensuring that the APIs cannot be misused any more in my final OS. # Frama-C Open File dialog contains custom list widget, from which files are later opened. This is non stan...
Feature Engineering for Activity Finder
This blueprint concerns representing the machine learning features used for activity discovery. It has several steps 1) Feature elicitation for ML task (80% ++++++++––) 2) Adversarial learning analysis (70% +++++++–––) 3) Implementation in apps and OS (10% +––––––––––) 4) Zeitgeist event logging ...

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