I'm an IT professional working in the United Kingdom. I have been working as web developer and database administrator. I am familiar with several languages including: html, php, xml, xsl, javascript, sql and .NET. I enjoy coding the backend of web information systems more than doing the user interfaces. I like the challenge of creating code that does something useful.

At the minute I am trying to learn python.

Outside of computers I have a few hobbies including fitness, photography and reading. My fitness regime includes running, cycling and just lately yoga. I love taking pictures of the natural world with my camera, I find it relaxing and also at the same time challenging to create that 'perfect shot'. My interest with books comes and goes but when the interest surfaces it does stay for a while. I usually read fiction, with a focus on sword and sorcery. I also adopted a basement cat. Pictures can be found here (http://serial-coder.co.uk/basement-cat)

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