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Maintained packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
lcd4linux Debian Sid 0.11.0~svn1200-2 2014-04-15 None
aspectc++ Debian Sid 1:1.2-1 2013-10-16 ppc64el powerpc armhf arm64
mplayer-skins Ubuntu Saucy 3.1 2013-08-28 None
lcd4linux Ubuntu Saucy 0.11.0~svn1197-1build1 2013-05-22 None
keepassx Debian Sid 0.4.3+dfsg-0.1 2013-03-23 None
boxbackup Ubuntu Precise 0.11.1~r2837-1 2011-11-07 None
boxbackup Debian Sid 0.11.1~r2837-1 2011-10-28 None
lcd4linux Ubuntu Precise 0.11.0~svn1158-1 2011-10-17 powerpc
amtterm Ubuntu Precise 1.3-1 2011-10-17 None
amtterm Debian Sid 1.3-1 2011-09-04 None

Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libav Ubuntu Trusty 6:9.11-2ubuntu1 2014-03-02 None
mplayer Ubuntu Raring 2:1.0~rc4.dfsg1+svn34540-1ubuntu4 2013-04-01 ppc64el arm64 arm64
libav-extra Ubuntu Raring 6:0.8.6ubuntu2 2013-03-30 None
libav Ubuntu Raring 6:0.8.6-1ubuntu2 2013-03-30 None
xmms2 Ubuntu Raring 0.8+dfsg-4ubuntu1 2012-11-25 None
zoneminder Ubuntu Raring 1.25.0-3ubuntu2 2012-11-24 None
gmerlin-avdecoder Ubuntu Raring 1.2.0~dfsg-1ubuntu2 2012-11-17 None
electricsheep Ubuntu Raring 2.7~b12+svn20091224-1ubuntu4 2012-11-11 None
chromaprint Ubuntu Raring 0.6-2ubuntu1 2012-11-10 None
bino Ubuntu Raring 1.4.0-1ubuntu1 2012-11-10 armhf armhf

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
opus Stable Release Support - Ubuntu Precise 1.1-1~bpo70+1 2014-03-01 None
zoneminder libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 1.25.0-4ubuntu4~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
yorick-av libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 0.0.2-1ubuntu2~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
xpra libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 0.10.9+dfsg-1ubuntu2~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
xmms2 libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 0.8+dfsg-8build2~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
xjadeo libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 0.7.6-1build2~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
xine-lib-1.2 libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.4-2build3~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
xine-lib libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.21-1.1build2~~libav10.testrebuild3 2014-01-01 None
xbmc libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 2:12.0~git20130103.0959-rc3-0ubuntu5~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None
wxsvg libav10-trusty - Ubuntu Trusty 2:1.2~dfsg0-1build2~~libav10.testrebuild1 2014-01-01 None

Synchronised packages

10 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gpac Ubuntu Trusty 0.5.0+svn4288~dfsg1-4 2013-11-06 None
gst-libav1.0 Ubuntu Trusty 1.2.0-1 2013-11-05 None
mplayer2 Ubuntu Trusty 2.0-701-gd4c5b7f-2 2013-11-05 None
ffmpeg2theora Ubuntu Raring 0.29-1 2012-11-16 None
ffms2 Ubuntu Raring 2.17+r731-2 2012-11-10 None
x264 Ubuntu Precise 2:0.120.2151+gita3f4407-2 2012-02-15 None
x2goclient Ubuntu Precise 2012-02-08 None
xine-lib-1.2 Ubuntu Precise 1.2.0-5 2012-01-30 None
xine-lib Ubuntu Precise 1.1.20-2 2011-12-05 None
lame Ubuntu Precise 3.98.4+repack2-6 2011-10-29 None