Packages used in constructing the Ubuntu Core component of Snappy

PPA description

PPA containing packages that are not yet included in the Ubuntu archive (for faster development/deployment).

Code in this ppa goes into the 15.04/edge rolling/edge channel images.

*PLEASE* be careful with package uploads as this will directly affect what gets published as part of our daily images.

For questions, please ping mvo, sergiusens or Chipaca at #snappy (FreeNode).

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:snappy-dev/image to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:snappy-dev/image
sudo apt-get update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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4096R/78E1918602959B9C59103100F1831DDAFC42E99D (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Snappy Developers.

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Overview of published packages

175 of 86 results
Package Version Uploaded by
adduser 3.113+nmu3ubuntu4+ppa1 Oliver Grawert (2015-09-01)
apparmor 2.9.2-0ubuntu1+ppa1 Michael Vogt (2015-06-18)
apparmor 2.9.1-0ubuntu9+ppa1 Michael Vogt (2015-07-02)
appstream-glib 0.5.0-0ubuntu4~15.04 Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (2015-09-29)
bash 4.3-11ubuntu2.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-20)
bluez-firmware 1.2-3+rpi1ubuntu2 Oliver Grawert (2018-06-19)
bluez-firmware 1.2-3+rpi1ubuntu2 Oliver Grawert (2017-03-31)
cpio 2.11+dfsg-4.1ubuntu1.15.04.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-19)
curl 7.38.0-3ubuntu2.4 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-19)
dosfstools 3.0.27-1ubuntu0.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-01-27)
efibootmgr 0.12-4~ppa1 Oliver Grawert (2015-09-23)
efivar 0.21-1~15.04 Oliver Grawert (2015-09-23)
expat 2.1.0-6ubuntu1.2 Emily Ratliff (2017-01-23)
freetype 2.5.2-2ubuntu3.2 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-19)
fwupd 0.1.5-0ubuntu1~mtrudel3+mvo1~15.04 Michael Vogt (2015-10-22)
fwupdate 0.4-4ubuntu2~ppa1 Oliver Grawert (2015-09-23)
glibc 2.21-0ubuntu4.0.7 Emily Ratliff (2017-07-10)
gnu-efi 3.0.2-1ubuntu1~15.04 Oliver Grawert (2015-09-23)
gnupg 1.4.18-7ubuntu1.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-02-27)
golang-gettext 0~git20130221-0ubuntu3~vivid1 Michael Vogt (2015-09-14)
golang-github-peterh-liner 0.0~git20150318-1~ppa1 Michael Vogt (2015-09-23)
golang-go-flags 0.0~git20150817-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2015-09-14)
golang-go-flags 0.0~git20150817-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2015-08-17)
golang-go-systemd 3-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2015-10-08)
golang-gopkg-tomb.v2 0.0~git20140626.14b3d72-1~vivid1 Michael Vogt (2015-09-14)
golang-mux 0.0~git20151003.1.ad4d7a5-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2015-10-12)
golang-mux 0.0~git20151003.1.ad4d7a5-0ubuntu1~ppa1 Michael Vogt (2015-10-13)
golang-uboot-go 0~3.git69978a3-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2015-07-23)
golang-uboot-go 0~3.git69978a3-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2015-07-23)
hello 2.10-1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2017-04-28)
hello 2.10-1~ppa1 Michael Vogt (2016-12-09)
initramfs-tools 0.130ubuntu3.5+ppa1 (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2018-10-08)
initramfs-tools 0.122ubuntu8.10+ppa1 (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2017-12-20)
initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core 0.7.45+ppa3 Michael Vogt (2018-10-09)
initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core 0.7.43+ppa26 Michael Vogt (2018-10-08)
initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core 0.7.43~ppa2 Oliver Grawert (2016-04-24)
initramfs-tools-ubuntu-core 0.7.7~ppa17 Ricardo Mendoza (2015-12-15)
libgcrypt20 1.6.2-4ubuntu2.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-01-31)
libidn 1.28-1ubuntu2.15.04.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-19)
libseccomp 2.1.1-1ubuntu1~trusty4~ppa1 (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2017-07-11)
libtasn1-6 4.2-2ubuntu1.2 Emily Ratliff (2017-01-24)
linux-meta-raspi2 Luis Henriques (2016-02-25)
linux-raspi2 4.2.0-1024.31 Luis Henriques (2016-02-25)
livecd-rootfs 2.420+ppa63 Oliver Grawert (2017-03-03)
livecd-rootfs 2.420+ppa63 Oliver Grawert (2017-02-22)
livecd-rootfs 2.350~ppa1 Oliver Grawert (2015-10-27)
livecd-rootfs 2.301~ppa57 Oliver Grawert (2016-02-01)
nettle 2.7.1-5ubuntu0.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-01-24)
nplan 0.32~16.04.3-1 (Newer version available) Oliver Grawert (2018-01-10)
openssl 1.0.1f-1ubuntu11.7 Emily Ratliff (2017-02-27)
pcre3 2:8.35-3.3ubuntu1.3 Emily Ratliff (2017-01-27)
pcsc-lite 1.8.11-3ubuntu1.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-19)
probert 0.0.14~16.04.2 Michael Hudson-Doyle (2017-02-17)
python-crypto 2.6.1-5ubuntu0.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-02-14)
python2.7 2.7.9-2ubuntu3.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-02-09)
raspberrypi-vc 1.20150502.d280099-1 Ryan Finnie (2016-08-22)
raspberrypi-wireless-firmware 2.0.1 Paolo Pisati (2018-06-19)
raspberrypi-wireless-firmware 2.0.1 Paolo Pisati (2018-06-19)
rtmpdump 2.4+20131018.git79459a2-5ubuntu0.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-05-22)
shadow 1:4.2-3.1ubuntu5.3+ppa1 Michael Vogt (2017-05-17)
shadow 1: Oliver Grawert (2015-09-01)
snapd 2.37.2 Michael Vogt (2019-02-06)
snapd 2.37~rc1+18.10 Michael Vogt (2019-01-16)
snapd 2.37~rc1+18.04 Michael Vogt (2019-01-16)
snapd 2.37~rc1~14.04 Michael Vogt (2019-01-16)
snapd 2.36.3+19.04 (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2019-01-09)
snapd (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2018-04-11)
snapd 2.27+16.10~rc2 Michael Vogt (2017-07-12)
subiquity 0.0.29~16.04.1 Michael Hudson-Doyle (2017-03-29)
sudo 1.8.9p5-1ubuntu5.1 Steve Beattie (2017-07-10)
system-image 3.0.1-0ubuntu1~vivid7 Michael Vogt (2015-09-16)
system-image-snappy 2.5.1-0ubuntu2+ppa1 Michael Vogt (2015-09-14)
systemd 237-3ubuntu10+ppa1 (Newer version available) Michael Vogt (2018-06-27)
tar 1.27.1-2ubuntu0.1 Emily Ratliff (2017-06-14)
ubuntu-core-config 0.6.40+ppa49+18.04 Michael Vogt (2018-06-06)
175 of 86 results

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