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- Open a bug in Debian BTS & attach a patch
- Open a bug in Launchpad & attach a patch

Emailing patches direct to me, will be the slowest path to get them applied, and maybe be ignored, accidentally, by my spam filters.

ps. no, irc pings to my irc proxy with a pastebin of a patch is not good enough either. Use bug tracker =)




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We moved system init to systemd a while ago, but we still have and maintain the upstart package for the session startup. As this is unmaintained, we should remove this dependency by the next LTS. Discuss and investigate what we currently use upstart for, what the original reasons were for moving away from gnome-ses...
Initially this came out as a discussion on #ubuntu-cloud (or was it #juju?) when swift CDN backed mirrors were announced for Amazon EC2 cloud. It is in a way related to servercloud-q-apt-improvements the hash based apt repositories. Debian has http://snapshot.debian.org/ repository. In essence it has every package...
mdadm currently has a gaggle of open bugs, and every cycle the RAID ISO tests produce new and interesting bugs. It seems like we're doing something a bit wrong with Software RAID. There are some valid solutions here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReliableRaid which should be discussed and either refuted or implemented.