Danielle kept shifting her weight as she could feel Jack’s cum running out of her and down her left thigh.

"Stop squirming!" Jack ordered. He then cracked a slight grin as the elevator arrived.

They stepped on the elevator and headed toward the lobby. "We’re going to eat here in the hotel," Jack said. Feel free to order anything you like. I’m sure you’re hungry."

"Oh and one more thing," Jack added. At no time during this meal are you to cross your legs. If I reach down there and your legs are crossed, you are going to be in big trouble." "Do you understand?"

Danielle’s knees became weak. She just nodded. There was something about his voice and his "take charge" attitude that caused Dani to completely submit to Jack. Not only was she submitting to his requests, but she was enjoying being treated this way. She wanted to please him. It wasn’t just about the money anymore. Danielle didn’t quite understand her feelings at this point as they were new to her.

At the restaurant, Jack asked for a booth. They were seated across from each other. After a few minutes of looking at the menu, they agreed they were ready to order. The server came and Dani ordered pasta while Jack had crab cakes.

"Ok Danielle," Jack started. "You and I have had a purely physical relationship for the past three years or so. I want to know something about you."

"What would you like to know?" she responded.

"What do you do when you’re not dancing?" Jack asked quickly.

"I’m a student at UNLV," Dani replied. "A finance major," she added.

"Tell me how you got there," Jack inquired.

"Well," Dani started. "I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school. I had a few waitress and bartender jobs and then I met an exotic dancer. We became pretty good friends and she convinced me to perform at an amateur night. I did and it was great. I had a lot of fun and made more money in one night that I did in a week as a waitress. After a few more nights like that, a club owner saw me and offered me a job dancing four nights a week. After two years I had made enough money to cover tuition for four years of school."

"So why not just keep making the money? Why go to school?" Jack asked.

"My parents would freak out if they knew I was a dancer for a living. They still think I’m waitressing and that I have a pile of student loans," Dani said. "Plus, I know I can’t be a dancer forever."

"Danielle, I’m an educated man and I’ve seen just about every personality there is to see in this world," Jack exclaimed. "Humor me a bit. I want to test myself. I think I know you pretty well and we’ve only really just met. Tell me if I’m right or if I’m way off base," Jack said.

"Ok. Is this like a game you play?" Dani asked.

"Yeah. Something like that," Jack said.

"Ok, here it goes," Jack said. "Don’t nod or answer until I’m finished." He continued, "You were on the dance team in high school…not the cheerleading team, the dance team. You’re the second of three kids in your family. You were always good at math, but you felt that was a burden in school. It was difficult to be popular and have good grades. You’ve had a couple boyfriends but you’ve never really been in love. You have broken up with each of them and you have never been "dumped" in your life."

"How am I doing?" Jack paused to ask with a smile on his face.

Dani couldn’t say a word. Her jaw was dropped. Finally, she was able to speak. "That’s exactly right. How do you know all this?"

"Wait, I’m not done yet," Jack said. He began again, "Now comes the good stuff. You’re sexually submissive. You’ve always been a little annoyed with your boyfriends because they’ve never "fucked" you. They have always wanted to make love to you and be tender and gentle. Although you like this at times, you want to be taken to another world when you’re in bed with a guy. You want to fear for your safety, but you want to know nothing bad is really going to happen. You love the excitement of not knowing what is going to happen next. That fear or uncertainty alone will bring you close to orgasm."

Dani felt as if Jack knew everything she had always wanted to keep secret. She was a little afraid, but just as Jack said, she was also getting turned on by that fear.

"I knew I was right," Jack said as he could see Dani thinking across the table. "Come over here," he commanded.

Without thinking Dani got up and sat next to Jack. He took his left hand placed it on Dani’s right thigh. He slowly pushed her dress up before moving into touch her pussy. Jack was instantly hard and he felt how wet Dani had become. Her clit was swollen and Jack estimated it was the size of the tip of his middle finger.

Just then the server came with their food. "We better eat," Jack said. "We’re going to need the energy."

Dani let out a sigh followed by a slight whimper as she returned to side of the booth. She had never wanted a man so much in her life as she wanted Jack at that moment.

The two ate their lunch and Dani felt like a sloppy mess. She had been fucked like an animal only thirty minutes earlier and here she was, dripping again. She could feel the last of Jack’s cum, from their previous encounter, run out of her as they ate. She knew she was making a mess on her dress as well as on the seat of the restaurant.

Jack started talking again. "I’ll bet you repressed your real sexual feelings, up to this point, for fear of being labeled a slut. Am I right?" Jack asked.

"Yes. Oh God yes," Dani said, almost relieved. "How do you know all this?" She asked again.

"Some day I’ll tell you." Jack answered. "But for now, let’s finish lunch and go back upstairs."

At the end of the meal, Jack paid the check. As Dani stood up, she could feel the hot liquid running down her legs. As she breathed in, she could smell herself. She wondered if Jack noticed. But without panties on, there was nothing to keep her scent from wafting into the cool restaurant air.

As they entered the hotel room, Dani was preparing to be taken just as she had been the last time she entered the room. This, however, did not happen. A little disappointed, she headed for the bed.

Jack hung up his jacket and took off his vest. As he was loosing his tie, he said, "Danielle. I want you take off that dress. You have made a mess of it."

Dani went over to the mirror and noticed a large wet spot on the back where her juices had leaked down during lunch.

"I also want you to know," Jack added, "You will be naked for the rest of our time together. "You are not to wear anything, not even a towel, until tomorrow morning."

Dani started to think about the next twenty two hours, or so, without wearing anything. They were in the hotel room, so who else would see? "But what about dinner?" she thought as she wiggled out of the dark green dress. She unhooked her bra and slid it off.

"That’s great," Jack said as he sat down in one of the over stuffed chairs. "I’m in need of a little entertainment," he explained. And I know you are just about to burst from not being able to cum at lunch. So, I want you to crawl up on that big bed and get yourself off. Face me and look at me while you’re touching and fingering yourself."

Dani, again a little disappointed she wasn’t going to get fucked, jumped up on the bed. She knew it would not take her long to get herself off and she was about to burst. An orgasm by self pleasure was better than no orgasm at all.

Dani sat on the bed and faced Jack. She slowly spread her legs to reveal everything to him. Jack couldn’t believe his eyes. He was in heaven. Here was this tiny little red-head willing to do anything he commanded. Her light, soft pubic hair, which Jack loved so much, was wet, sticky, and clumped together.

Dani’s swollen out lips were glistening. The combination of Dani’s own juices and the lube that was used earlier made her pussy extremely slippery.

Dani began to touch her clit with her right index finger. She made small circles and tipped her head back. She pressed harder and moved her finger faster.

Since she was thirteen, Dani had indulged in self pleasure. She knew exactly the spot to hit. Since she was already worked up, she came close to an orgasm within just a few minutes.

By this time, Jack was diamond hard and had shed his clothes. Sitting in the chair he watched as Dani brought herself to the brink of orgasm. Dani looked at him as if to ask, "Can I cum?"

"Keep going," Jack said.

Dani couldn’t sit up anymore. She fell onto her back and continued to massage her clit.

Just then, Jack jumped out of his chair and onto the bed. With his right hand he cupped Dani’s pussy and slid his middle finger inside her slick crease.

She let out a soft moan as she felt Jack’s finger inside her. Jack slowly slid the finger out and ran it up to her clit.

That was all it took for Dani. Her hips began to buck up and down and her vaginal walls began to spasm. "Oh yes!" Dani yelled. "That is it right there."

Jack slid two fingers into her and could feel her most intimate muscles convulsing around him. He held them there until she started to come down from the intense pleasure.

After removing his fingers, Jack moved off the bed and stood facing Dani between her spread legs. He grabbed her calves and pulled her toward him until her ass was at the edge of the bed. Jack took a pillow and slid it under the small of her back.

With a hand wrapped around each of her knees, Jack held Dani’s legs apart. Her pussy was raised as if straining to meet him.

Jack placed the tip of his cock at Dani’s opening. Without hesitating he thrust himself into her. She moaned as Jack instantly filled her. After a few thrusts, Jack pushed Dani’s legs down toward her and pressed his body down as he did.

He closed her legs, still holding them and her pussy felt even tighter. On the downward thrusts, the tip of his cock was lightly touching Dani’s cervix.

Jack continued to thrust in and out of the smallest pussy he had ever been inside. After about five minutes, he could not contain himself any longer. He had cum inside Dani earlier in the day and, although he very much enjoyed it, he wanted something different this time.

As he fucked her, Jack gave Dani directions. "I’m going to pull out of you. When I do, you will spin around and put your head at the edge of the bed. You will be on your back and facing up at me. Do you understand?"

Dani nodded. Jack instantly removed himself and guided Dani into the position he wanted. As her large greed eyes stared up at him, Jack directed his cock over Dani’s lips. She instinctively opened her mouth.

Dani’s lips wrapped around Jack’s member and took him into her mouth. Forcefully, Jack plunged himself downward and held himself as he could feel her start to gag. He then pulled back a little.

"You’re going to swallow everything I give you," Jack ordered. He then guided his cock down her throat again. This time he reached down the length of her body, hooked his middle finger and slipped it into Dani’s pussy.

He parted her lips with his index and ring finger and found her clit with his middle one.

After a few short circles, Dani moaned as she felt another orgasm about to take over her body. Jack found just the right spot and Dani screamed with pleasure. Her voice was largely muffled by Jack’s cock, but she was cumming again.

At that moment Jack began to dump load after load of hot cum down Dani’s throat. He could feel her swallowing as she had been told.

"Keep sucking," Jack demanded. "Get it all out."

After a few minutes, Jack slowly pulled himself out of Dani’s mouth. Her head hung down over the edge of the bed.

"You look like a fucking mess," Jack told Dani. "And I love it," he continued. "Gorgeous, just gorgeous."

Dani didn’t know if she could move. She could barely feel her legs and she didn’t think she could move them from their spread position.

"I have to meet some clients in an hour," Jack informed Dani. I’m going to take a shower and then be gone until dinner."

Jack walked over to his suit case and pulled out a string of two Ben-Wa balls, each two inches in diameter. Dani didn’t know, for sure, what he was going to do, but she knew she couldn’t resist, even if she wanted.

"Danielle, do you know what these are?"

She nodded as she recognized the toys.

"I’m going to put these inside that pretty pussy of yours. You can take them out when I get back in a few hours."

Although Dani had been fucked twice in the last few hours, her pussy was still very tight. Jack rubbed the first Ben-Wa ball against her outer lips to get it slippery. Quickly, he sank it into her.

Dani gasped. "One more," Jack said.

He did the same with the second ball and Dani was full. She was starting to realize that her vagina was not going to get a rest until tomorrow.

"Keep them in there until I get back," Jack reminded her as he entered the bathroom.

Danni fell asleep on the bed as Jack took a shower and got dressed for his meeting.

As he left the room his hired sex toy was asleep, laying on her back with her legs spread wide. The string from the sex toy was hanging between her legs.

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