Pitch: extensive experience making software, available for your project.

Linux user since 1997. Small contributions here and there (various projects, academia, industry through my job).

A Linux distribution, especially Debian or Ubuntu, is the most practical way to simply be the owner of one's machine, instead of the product of some business model that sells your activity to others. So, using Linux is a no-brainer.

For a living I solve difficult problems in software for various clients (paying companies):
* fixing the most difficult bugs,
* turning a mess into something workable,
* extending existing software, whether it's well or badly written,
* your software will very often come out better/cleaner as a byproduct,
* sometimes shortest/cheapest is a full rewrite, so I did, will do again,
* writing new software from scratch, near-perfect result expectable,
* can also write efficient specs, near-comprehensive, then conform to it,
* can work with existing teams (cooperating with all levels, from user, coders, team leaders, executive, top management).

I study the facts, figure out options, communicate them to client, they decide which option they pick then they get it.

Living in Paris area, France, working worldwide.
Feel free to contact me for anything relevant, even just a nice chat online or in any place.

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