Promoter of open collaboration, Stuardo Rodríguez is a developer of open source projects, lead in open data architectures, activist in open government implementations, and blockchain / decentralized open ledger technologies ambassador.

In his career totally focused on web system development he has successfully accumulated a vast experience in the required web technologies such as JavaScript, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, server management, load balancing, high performance email services. agile development methodologies, design patterns, unit testing and continuous integration.

Stuardo Rodríguez has worked for different companies in USA, Mexico and Guatemala, leading big web development teams, with DBAs, web developers, web designers, and QA testers. He now telecommutes for companies in USA, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, and more, developing all kind of web systems like content management systems, blogs, e-commerce, custom made systems CRMs and ERPs. Lately he's developing blockchain solutions based on eosio, where he found the best solution to bring blockchain to the masses.

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