I am an engineer with LSNet which went online on the 17th of August, 1995. Our first server, a modest 486 box ran Red Hat "Halloween" and served primarily as a mail server for local (Grayson County Virginia) residents. We ran a number of Red Hat releases through "Guiness". I ran Mandrake on my desktop since "Venice" and switched to "Air" on servers in 2000. The 10.0 release was a disaster and we switched to Ubuntu Warty in 2004. We generally run the latest LTS (Hardy) on servers and the current version (now Jaunty) on workstations. We expect to stay with Ubuntu for a long time.

I am also an International Health advocate and have been a part-time consultant to RTI for over 20 years. My first project was writing a front-end for Bachue - an input output model in 1996. I converted a number of mainframe demographic programs to personal computers and was the programmer for NPROJ - a multi-regional population projection program. I did extensive analytical work on the 1992 Bolivian and El Salvadoran Census. My most famous project was clandestinely smuggling networking hardware into Bolivia, engaging a number of smart kids and networking the Bolivian Ministry of Health for which we were recognized by USAID with a Leland award. I did a number of maternal and child health projects in Latin America and South Asia including being the lead consultant on the 1995 Five Year Health Plan in Bangladesh which lead to a tripling of per capita funding. I am currently working on estimating the Price elasticity of Demand in NGOs in Bangladesh.

We continue to function as a wireless and dial up ISP. We managed our own hardware in Telco facilities for years (now outsourced).

We have worked our way through a number of Content Management Systems settling on Drupal in 2005. I won't mention the horrors of earlier efforts and even now, maintenance of Drupal sites is time consuming. We actively support Drupal while we quietly work on Web X.0 paradigms.

I am active in the Ubuntu Virginia LoCo Team. LSNet hosts release parties, Software Freedom Day celebrations since 2005. We have sponsored gatherings such as the LSNet Linuxfest since 1999.

We're working on a number of items including CouchDB and EC2.

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