Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
qpxtool Debian Sid 0.8.1-2.1 None
libfcgi Debian Sid 2.4.2-2.1 None
eiskaltdcpp Debian Sid 2.4.2-1.1 armhf
qpxtool Debian Experimental 0.8.1-2.1~exp1 None
eiskaltdcpp Debian Experimental 2.4.2-1.1~exp1 None
libfcgi Debian Experimental 2.4.2-2.1~exp1 None
q4wine Debian Sid 1.3.13-1 None
ncdc Debian Sid 1.23.1-1 None
bosixnet Debian Sid 2.0-2.1 None
uhub Debian Sid 0.4.1-3.2 riscv64 riscv64
libfcgi Ubuntu Impish 2.4.2-2build1 None
ncdc Debian Experimental 1.22.1-1 None
psi-plus Debian Experimental 1.4.1456-2 None
psi-plus-l10n Debian Experimental 1.4.1449-1 None
psi-plus Debian Sid 1.4.554-5 None
eiskaltdcpp-web Debian Sid 1.0.1-2 None
libterm-shellui-perl Debian Sid 0.92-3 None
qpxtool Ubuntu Focal 0.8.0-1build1 None
q4wine Ubuntu Focal 1.3.11-1build1 None
bosixnet Ubuntu Focal 2.0-1build1 None
libfcgi Ubuntu Focal 2.4.0-10build1 None
yagf Debian Sid 0.9.5+repack1-1 None
psi-plus Ubuntu Eoan 1.4.554-3ubuntu1 None
psi-plus-l10n Debian Sid 1.4.554-1 None
psi-plus Ubuntu Disco 1.3.425-1build1 None
eiskaltdcpp Ubuntu Cosmic 2.2.10+188+g1e72256a-2build2 None
qconf Debian Sid 2.4-1 None
eiskaltdcpp Ubuntu Bionic 2.2.9-4.1build1 None
eiskaltdcpp Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2.9-4build2 None
psimedia Debian Sid 1.0.4-2 None
psimedia Ubuntu Wily 1.0.4-1build1 None
plasma-widget-cwp Debian Experimental 1.6.12-1 None
plasma-widget-cwp Debian Sid 1.6.11-1 None
gtk2-engines-qtcurve Debian Sid 1.8.15-4 None
uhub Debian Experimental 0.4.1-2 None
yagf Debian Experimental 0.9.2-1 None
kde-style-qtcurve Debian Experimental 1.8.14-1 None
q4wine Debian Experimental 0.999-rc8-2 None
kde-style-qtcurve Debian Sid 1.8.12-2 powerpc i386 armhf armel amd64
plasma-widget-cwp Ubuntu Precise 1.5.6-1 None
qconf Ubuntu Precise 1.4-3 arm64
psimedia Ubuntu Precise 1.0.3+svn737-2 None
eiskaltdcpp Ubuntu Precise 2.2.4-1 None
psi-plus Ubuntu Oneiric 0.15~svn3910-1ubuntu1 None
eiskaltdcpp Ubuntu Oneiric 2.2.3-1 None
q4wine Debian Squeeze 0.118-5 None
q4wine Ubuntu Oneiric 0.121-1 None
qconf Ubuntu Oneiric 1.4-2 None
psimedia Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0.3+svn737-1 None
plasma-widget-cwp Ubuntu Oneiric 1.5.3-1 None
q4wine Ubuntu Natty 0.120-r1-3 None
plasma-widget-cwp Ubuntu Natty 1.3.3-1 None
plasma-widget-cwp Ubuntu Maverick 1.2.2-1 None
q4wine Ubuntu Maverick 0.118-4 sparc
eiskaltdcpp Ubuntu Maverick 2.0.3-1 sparc
155 of 55 results