Thomas Ward

Ubuntu Member as of November 2011 ( (Nick at the time on IRC was "Resistance")


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Reddit username: teward001

Twitter: @teward001 (rarely used)

Time Availability: Varies
(normally evening Eastern US; 20:00 - 04:00 UTC)


Location: 18T UK 52232 51616

Learn to decode MGRS, and you'll know where I live :P


Project affiliations and roles:

* Ubuntu Member
* Bug Squad Member
* Bug Control Member
* Member of the Ubuntu Server Team
* PPA maintainer for the NGINX team


Self-proclaimed brony.


Talking with me might involve the use of some phrases that are not from the USA. Blame my hanging out with British people on that one. It's not my fault that some of the people of which are interesting are British, therefore I understand some English from the UK. (that's why it shows up under "Languages")

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