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After several months, looking for someone to take the lead on Blender PPA's packaging, I'm happy to say I have found an excellent PPA replacement for you! Please use:

Rob Savoury is doing an excellent job. If you are using Focal or a newer version of Ubuntu it's time for you to type:

 sudo apt install ppa-purge
 sudo ppa-purge ppa:thomas-schiex/blender
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/blender
 sudo apt update
 sudo apt install blender

If you are using a pre-Focal system, please read Rob's page at

carefully as extra PPAs need to be activated in these cases.

Rob also provides a bleeding-edge version of Blender, so if you like blood, you can add one extra line:

 sudo apt install blender-git

This is now the end of my PPA. This was a revival of Irie Shinsuke's PPA: Blender 2.9x was compiled with all bells and whistles (OpenImageDenoise, OptiX, Embree, OpenShadingLanguage, OpenCollada, Open+NanoVDB, OpenSubDiv, jemalloc & CUDA/OptiX 10.2/11.1 precompiled kernels that support NVIDIA GPUs from GT7xx, aka Kepler, to RTX30xx or Ampère). It was adapted to Ubuntu (python, ffmpeg, ilmbase, openEXR, eigen3, glew, lzo,... packages are used directly). Throught it, blender has been downloaded more than 260,000 times (see

If you find or found this PPA useful, you can still offer me a coffee or a beer at

but you'd better offer one to Rob instead!

Yes, in the more than 4 years of existence, 80 persons/companies did it: US$(5+10+5+5+5+5+10+5+10+10+5+10+10+10+4.5+4.43+4.53+5+2+10+10+5+10+5+15+5+5+50)+€(50.79+3.64+13.37+10+5+4.48+5+3+20+15+15+5+100+10+3.20+5+5+2.5+10+5+5+5+10+5.55+10+5+5+5+4.8+5+11.27+5+3+10+3+3+1+10+1+5+50+5+5+10+2+10+10+2.90+5+29.01+5+8+11.91+5). I enjoyed the drinks! (updated March 20, 2021).

Time lacking, I have decided to stop providing a bleeding "blender-edge" version. It required a lot of work because of the weekly updates and it was downloaded only by few people (6,500 downloads vs. 260,000 for "blender"). Sorry geeks!

For CUDA to work, add the blender user(s) to the 'video' group through:

  sudo adduser <user> video

It may also be useful to install the nvidia-modprobe package (which is not a dependency because it depends on your hardware).

If you have issues with numpy, I advise installing a suitable version with pip.

If you want to maintain this Blender PPA, please contact me, I will be happy to pass the blender stick to the next runner...

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:thomas-schiex/blender to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thomas-schiex/blender
sudo apt update
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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Thomas Schiex.

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alembic 1.7.14-0thomas~groovy2 Thomas Schiex ()
alembic 1.7.12-0thomas~focal1 Thomas Schiex ()
alembic 1.7.12-0thomas~bionic2 Thomas Schiex ()
blender 2.92.0--release~103106-02948a2cab4+nano+optix+kernels-0thomas~groovy2 Thomas Schiex ()
blender 2.92.0--release~103106-02948a2cab4+nano+optix+kernels-0thomas~focal2 Thomas Schiex ()
blender 2.92.0--release~103106-02948a2cab4+nano+optix+kernels-0thomas~bionic1 Thomas Schiex ()
cmake 3.15.4-1ubuntu5 Thomas Schiex ()
embree 3.12.0-0thomas~groovy0 Thomas Schiex ()
embree 3.10.0-0thomas~focal2 Thomas Schiex ()
embree 3.10.0-0thomas~bionic3 Thomas Schiex ()
fmtlib 6.1.2+ds-2ubuntu1~bionic Wolfgang Schupp ()
ilmbase 2.3.0-4bionic0 Thomas Schiex ()
libarchive 3.4.3-1~18.04.sav0 Rob Savoury ()
opencollada 1:1.6.68-groovy2 Thomas Schiex ()
opencollada 1:1.6.68-focal2 Thomas Schiex ()
opencollada 1:1.6.68-bionic2 Thomas Schiex ()
opencolorio 2.0~0-groovy1 Thomas Schiex ()
openexr 2.3.0-3bionic1 Thomas Schiex ()
openimagedenoise 1.0.0-thomas~groovy0 Thomas Schiex ()
openimagedenoise 1.0.0-thomas~focal6 Thomas Schiex ()
openimagedenoise 1.0.0-thomas~bionic5 Thomas Schiex ()
openimageio Thomas Schiex ()
openjpeg 1:1.5.2-3.1-0thomas~groovy5 Thomas Schiex ()
openjpeg 1:1.5.2-3.1-0thomas~focal5 Thomas Schiex ()
openjpeg 1:1.5.2-3.1-0thomas~bionic0 Thomas Schiex ()
openshadinglanguage 1.10.10-thomas~groovy2 Thomas Schiex ()
openshadinglanguage 1.10.9-thomas~focal5 Thomas Schiex ()
openshadinglanguage 1.10.9-thomas~bionic9 Thomas Schiex ()
opensubdiv 3.4.0-0thomas~bionic1 Thomas Schiex ()
openvdb 7.1.1-1groovy2 Thomas Schiex ()
openvdb 7.1.1-1focal2 Thomas Schiex ()
openvdb 7.1.0-2bionic7 Thomas Schiex ()
pybind11 2.4.3-2build2 Thomas Schiex ()
python3.7 3.7.7-1+bionic1 Anthony Sottile ()
python3.8 3.8.7-1+bionic1 Anthony Sottile ()
robin-map 0.6.2-bionic2 Thomas Schiex ()
tbb 2019~U4-1~exp1~ubuntu18.04.1~ppa1 Patrick Salecker ()
yaml-cpp 0.6.3-9 Thomas Schiex ()
yaml-cpp0.3 0.3.0-1.2e Thomas Schiex ()
yaml-cpp0.3 0.3.0-1.2e Thomas Schiex ()
140 of 40 results

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