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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
opencolorio Blender - Ubuntu Groovy 2.0~0-groovy1 None
yaml-cpp Blender - Ubuntu Groovy 0.6.3-9 None
blender Blender - Ubuntu Bionic 2.92.0--release~103106-02948a2cab4+nano+optix+kernels-0thomas~bionic1 None
blender Blender - Ubuntu Focal 2.92.0--release~103106-02948a2cab4+nano+optix+kernels-0thomas~focal2 None
blender Blender - Ubuntu Groovy 2.92.0--release~103106-02948a2cab4+nano+optix+kernels-0thomas~groovy2 None
openvdb Blender - Ubuntu Focal 7.1.1-1focal2 None
openvdb Blender - Ubuntu Groovy 7.1.1-1groovy2 None
openshadinglanguage Blender - Ubuntu Bionic 1.10.9-thomas~bionic9 None
pybind11 Blender - Ubuntu Bionic 2.4.3-2build2 None
pybind11 Blender - Ubuntu Focal 2.4.3-2build1 None