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Purpose of this blueprint is to kick start GPGPU development on ARM based devices.
Extend and utilize piglit for testing of GLES for Linaro Graphics WG LAVA tests
Piglit is a test suite including tests from Glean and other sources for validation of Open GL and Open GL ES implementations. The suite utilizes a python controller which dispatches sets of tests in an automated fashion. Validation is likewise done in an automated fashion through the use glReadPixels and akin. This...
Push LJT to Google AOSP for libjpeg-turbo
Push LJT to Google AOSP Gerrit
DRC feels that 565 is generally ready for merge, however refactor the patch so it's by itself. Include new tests and extend current tests to include 565 as well.
As part of the Android feature merge, DRC would like the JCS_RGBA_8888 extension merged into JCS_EXT_RGBX.