Wolvix used to be my favourite distro for smaller lighter machines. Now i prefer SliTaz.

A friend's machine had an apparently broken CD-drive that other OSes couldn't see but SliTaz LiveCd worked fine.

Dual-booting with Windows is an excellent way to run a computer, especially if you like gaming. However, Wesnoth and Glest are magic so i am ok.

Companies need a lot of us to tell them that producing 1 OpenSource version would quickly cover all Gnu&Linux's as well as Mac. OpenGL beats DirectX for cross-platform gaming imo. The gaming industry could do with knowing that it's ok to sell games for Gnu&Linux so if you see any good games then buying them is helping the community ;) Another classic example is LibreOffice porting easily to Mac and Windows but MS Office struggling to port anywhere even after a whole year.

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