I am participating in Linaro activities on behalf of ST-Ericsson. I am a community coordinator and kernel coder/integrator for the ST-Ericsson mobile platforms.

I also have several userspace spare-time projects like libnjb, libmtp, gnomad2, CGFreak (and some more kernel coding).


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Port some of the simpler platforms to multiplatform support:         Integrator         SPEAr         Versatile         u300         nomadik         mxs         imx2 This is all low-priority work that we do on the side to get multiplatform working on more platform. None of the specific platforms is very important a...
Turn gpiochip into device for Linaro Linux
The struct gpio_chip currently does not contain a struct device entry, but it should, and gpiochip_add() should use device_register(). The biggest symptom is the sysfs interface which is creating devices on-the-fly just to be able to spawn sysfs entries. Replace the sysfs hooks on-demand creation of devices with re...
As we're migrating IRQ drivers (irqchips) from the platforms and down to drivers/irqchip, we need to set some examples so subarch maintainers know how to go about this task. Use my own maintained systems to pave the way. In this blueprint I collect a TODO for a few of these chips.
During review of pinctrl hooks to drivers subsystem maintainers have complained about too much boilerplate code being added to drivers. Try to code this up in the central PM runtime code (such as already exists for e.g. clocks) and use the central facilities instead to minimize boilerplate and bugs.

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