I am 3rd year software engineering student in the University of Southampton. I have been a linux for a long time. Started with Mandrake during my A-Levels. Moved to Red hat for a while. Then, switched to gentoo. But compiling and recompiling packages has taken a toll on my laptop. Now the fan is making a lot of noise.

So, I download Debian, installed it my friend T3's laptop, just to test. But I had downloaded the stable version with 2.4 kernel, with old packages. So I borrowed the Fedora Core 3 from my other friend and installed it. Then Chris, my team mate in Group projet, told me about Ubuntu. So during the summer switched to Hoary. Been happy ever since :) My system is a dual boot, but when is the last time I used Windoze ..... I cant remember ;-). I just have it, just in case I had to use a windows only software, but I doubt I would, with all the open source software out there :D

My intrests:
  - I want to help translate Ubuntu in my language - Tamil.
  - Tamil is a South-Indian language.
  - Basically anything to promote the tamil langugage.
  - BTW, tamil, should be thamizh ;-), where zh = l.

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