I started my radio and TV service repair apprenticeship in 1963 and worked in my fathers shop repairing IBM cash register machines. I am a Certified Pinball and Video game repair technician and recieved my Cert in 1976. I have done repairs to all sorts of pinball machine game brands and jukeboxes. I started PC science at the data level entry in 1988 working the Reflex Database. I studied Turing language and communications at a local university in 1990. I owned and operated two BBSes during the early 90's. The Binary Star and the Night Owl BBS. I was a member of FIDONET and was a regular contributor to several echos. I continued to repair, mod, hack and build systems through the 90's. I was invited to contribute to the FIDO Linux echos in 1992 but was caught up in security programming in the MS environment. I statred using Ubuntu at the Hardy Heron stage. I continue to help others with malware removal but my eyesight has become affected slightly from so many years in front of PC monitors. Ubuntu and Fedora have been able to greatly assist me with any slight visual problems I have. I am enthusiastic about Ubuntu and like to debate others. Sometimes the Ubuntu Linux code is unfamiliar territory but I'm catching on.


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