“Ubuntu Emacs Lisp” team

Maintainers of Emacs and Emacs Lisp packages in Ubuntu.

Some intiial plans for this group and other thoughts are detailed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichaelOlson/EmacsCommunity.

This group can be considered to be in the "drafting" stage. Please feel free to join if you are interested in group-maintaining some Emacs Lisp packages in Ubuntu, drafting policy, etc.

Membership is currently open to both developers and interested on-lookers, provided that they have working email addresses that are registered with Launchpad.

Here's a quick TODO list of things that are on [robru's] mind right now (2013-04-18):
* Take the brand-new ultra-minimalist snapshot-packaging branch and build it up a little:
    - make it support debian's site-start.d properly

* Investigate the few failing tests and get fixes for those approved upstream, so that we can re-enable the testsuite to be run during daily snapshot builds.

* Encourage more people to use this snapshot package and get more feedback, encourage more contributors.

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