The Bemba Translation Team is focused on translating the latest versions of Linux to Bemba, a language commonly spoken in Zambia.
As a start the Ubuntu Project has been chosen as our base, because of the easy translation systems in place. We will still try to translate as much as possible upstream (at the original project).
This effort is purely voluntary and so we can do with as many hands as possible. We need people to translate, review, evangelise and even to just provide moral support to the team.

Please note that although we are translating into Bemba, we will use the English language for communication as our team is comprised of other non-native Bemba speakers and indeed those who will be providing other support services other than the actual translations.

You are most welcome to join us. Here is how to join the translation team:
    (i) Create a Launchpad account at
    (ii) Once you create the account, please join the mailing list for ease of communication. The mailing list is at
We will also be found on IRC under #ubuntu-translators-bem channel once we manage to set that up.

Our translation guidelines and other important information to help you get started are at

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