Ubuntu Earth doesn't seem to be going as well as we'd like.

Ubuntu Mars (no loco!)'s goal is to reach into the depths of our known (and unknown) universe(s) and include everyone eventually (and some initially) to embrace the true Spirit of Ubuntu.

The fine print:

Ubuntu Mars is the supreme ruler of all planets and planet-like entities in the solar system and all planets and planet-like entities not in the solar system, and anything that's not a planet-like entity anywhere.

No other entity shall ever usurp the charter of Ubuntu Mars whether Ubuntu Mars exists or not, under any circumstances whatsoever.

Ubuntu Mars does not acknowledge any entity that has the Spanish word for "stupid" in its name.

Ubuntu Mars does not permit language that expresses or infers classism, nationalism, racism, or any other negative term that ends in "ism".

Mars bars shall always have a special status and shall be shared freely at all Ubuntu Mars events.

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