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Ubuntu SDK Release PPA for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 12.04 LTS and 13.10.

Upgrade with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk

This PPA provides Qt 5, Ubuntu UI Toolkit, Qt Creator and more for Ubuntu. It also provides a few Qt modules that are not part of Qt 5 - qtsensors, qt3d, qtlocation, qtfeedback, qtconnectivity, qtsystems, qtpim, qtwayland. Those modules are snapshots and prone to changes, but may be used for testing.


== Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (development version) ==

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS will have Qt 5.x, Ubuntu UI Toolkit and SDK uploads to the archives during the development cycle. This PPA will be used to offer updates after the release.

== Ubuntu 12.04 LTS & 13.10 ==

Note: 12.10 and 13.04 are no longer supported, although the PPA contains packages for them. Please upgrade to 13.10 or 14.04.

Ubuntu 13.10 has a version of the SDK, but needed updates are being delivered via this PPA.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS users need to upgrade Qt 4 from this PPA as well if Qt 4 is in use, in case you want to have the development binaries of both Qt 5 and Qt 4 installed at the same time.

Kubuntu/KDE in 12.04 LTS depends on the qdbus tool, which is one of the binaries handled by qtchooser. In order for Qt 4's qdbus to be found in the default path you need qt4-default installed instead of qt5-default (this removes ubuntu-sdk meta package). Qt Creator can use both Qt:s regardless of the qtchooser default configuration, although it does not configure itself automatically for both.


1. Qt4 and Qt5 are co-installable with the migration to the new qtchooser tool. The previous Debian/Ubuntu approach relied on renaming binaries and using alternatives. When packaging against Qt5, set environment variable QT_SELECT=qt5 or include a package dependency to qt5-default in the packaging. See man qtchooser for more information.

2. Preparation for newer packages is sometimes ongoing at https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta-proper/+packages - use at your own risk.

3. The packaging is contributed both to Debian (http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/ (pkg-kde/qt)) and https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers.

4. Mixed up too many PPAs to your liking? If you have packages that have higher version numbers or conflict otherwise, you may use the ppa-purge tool, or a variation of the following to force the versions in this repository, provided the other PPA:s are disabled: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5569765/ (example is for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS amd64). Note! The lines will by default also install _all the packages_, including the huge debug packages.

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

Display sources.list entries for:
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
Signing key:
1024R/C7122F9B (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Ubuntu SDK team.

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Package Version Uploaded by
android 20140115-0148-0ubuntu1 Ricardo Salveti (2014-02-11)
android 20140115-0148-0ubuntu1 Ricardo Salveti (2014-02-11)
android-tools 4.2.2+git20130218-3ubuntu3~precise Sergio Schvezov (2014-02-11)
android-tools 4.2.2+git20130218-3ubuntu1~quantal1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu 1.1.9~13.10.1 Daniel Holbach (2014-03-25)
appmenu-qt5 0.1.0~quantal1~test4 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
appmenu-qt5 0.1.0~precise1~test4 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
boost1.53 1.53.0-6+exp2ubuntu2~raring1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-09-09)
click 0.4.21~saucy1~test2 Zoltan Balogh (2014-04-03)
click 0.4.12~raring1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-11-29)
click 0.4.12~quantal1~test2 Timo Jyrinki (2013-11-29)
click-reviewers-tools 0.6-0~182~ubuntu14.04.1 Daniel Holbach (2014-03-25)
click-reviewers-tools 0.6-0~182~ubuntu13.10.1 Daniel Holbach (2014-03-25)
cmake 2.8.9-0ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa2 Antti Kaijanmäki (2013-07-09)
cordova-ubuntu 2.8.0+14.04.20140130.3bzr257saucy0 PS Jenkins bot (2014-01-31)
cordova-ubuntu 2.8.0+14.04.20131024.4bzr251raring0 PS Jenkins bot (2013-10-24)
cordova-ubuntu 2.8.0~rc2bzr130621-0quantal3 Zoltan Balogh (2013-07-18)
cordova-ubuntu 2.8.0~rc2bzr130621-0precise2 Zoltan Balogh (2013-07-18)
cordova-ubuntu-3.4 3.4.0~ubuntu1 David Barth (2014-02-25)
cordova-ubuntu-3.4 3.4.0~ubuntu1~saucy0 David Barth (2014-02-25)
cordova-ubuntu-tests 2.11+14.04.20140130.3bzr34saucy0 PS Jenkins bot (2014-01-31)
cordova-ubuntu-tests 2.11+14.04.20131108.2bzr31raring0 PS Jenkins bot (2013-11-08)
friends-app 0.92.0+14.04.20131211.3bzr124saucy0 PS Jenkins bot (2013-12-13)
friends-app 0.92.0+14.04.20131211.3bzr124raring0 PS Jenkins bot (2013-12-13)
goget-ubuntu-touch 0.2+14.04.20140117-0ubuntu1 PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-11)
goget-ubuntu-touch 0.2+14.04.20140117-0ubuntu1 PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-11)
gst-libav1.0 1.0.8-1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
gst-plugins-bad1.0 1.0.5-1ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
gst-plugins-base1.0 1.0.8-1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
gst-plugins-good1.0 1.0.8-1ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
gst-plugins-ugly1.0 1.0.8-1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
gstreamer1.0 1.0.8-1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
libdbusmenu-qt5 0.1.0~quantal1~test5 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
libdbusmenu-qt5 0.1.0~precise1~test6 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
libvpx 1.1.0-1~ubuntu12.04.1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
lucene++ 3.0.4-0ubuntu2~raring1~test4 Timo Jyrinki (2013-09-09)
mediascanner 0.3.93+13.10.20130830.2-0ubuntu1~raring1~test4 Timo Jyrinki (2013-09-09)
nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel 0.3.4bzr29saucy0 Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot (2013-07-24)
nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel 0.3.4bzr29raring0 Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot (2013-07-24)
nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel 0.3.4bzr29quantal0 Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot (2013-07-24)
nemo-qml-plugin-folderlistmodel 0.3.4bzr29precise0 Ubuntu Phone Apps Jenkins Bot (2013-07-24)
notepad-qml 0.1+bzr57-0ubuntu15 Zoltan Balogh (2013-02-08)
notepad-qml 0.1+bzr57-0ubuntu14 Zoltan Balogh (2013-02-08)
notepad-qml 0.1+bzr57-0ubuntu13 Zoltan Balogh (2013-02-08)
opus 0.9.14+20120615-1~precise1~ppa1 Jason Gerard DeRose (2013-12-11)
phablet-tools 1.0+14.04.20140122-0ubuntu1 PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-11)
phablet-tools 1.0+14.04.20140122-0ubuntu1 PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-11)
python-debian 0.1.21+nmu2ubuntu1~ubuntu12.04.2 Zoltan Balogh (2013-07-13)
qt3d-opensource-src 5.0~git20130731-0ubuntu1~raring1~test3 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-14)
qt3d-opensource-src 5.0~git20130731-0ubuntu1~quantal1~test3 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-14)
qt3d-opensource-src 5.0~git20130731-0ubuntu1~precise1~test3 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-14)
qt4-x11 4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu4~quantal1~test4 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
qt4-x11 4:4.8.1-0ubuntu5~precise1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
qtbase-opensource-src 5.0.2+dfsg1-7ubuntu12~precise1~test4 Zoltan Balogh (2014-02-14)
qtbase-opensource-src 5.0.2+dfsg1-4ubuntu1~raring1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-26)
qtbase-opensource-src 5.0.2+dfsg1-3ubuntu1~quantal1~test2 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
qtchooser 26-3ubuntu2~precise1~test2 Timo Jyrinki (2014-02-25)
qtchooser 26-3ubuntu1~raring1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-04)
qtchooser 0.0.1~git20121229.g8f08405-0ubuntu1~quantal1~test7 Timo Jyrinki (2013-07-12)
qtconnectivity-opensource-src 5.0~git20130802-0ubuntu1~raring1~test3 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-16)
qtconnectivity-opensource-src 5.0~git20130802-0ubuntu1~quantal1~test3 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-16)
qtconnectivity-opensource-src 5.0~git20130802-0ubuntu1~precise1~test3 Timo Jyrinki (2013-08-16)
qtcreator 2.8.1-0ubuntu1~trusty1~test2 (Newer version available) Timo Jyrinki (2013-11-08)
qtcreator 2.8.1-0ubuntu1~saucy1~test6 Timo Jyrinki (2013-09-25)
qtcreator 2.8.1-0ubuntu1~raring1~test1 Zoltan Balogh (2013-09-25)
qtcreator 2.8.1-0ubuntu1~quantal1~test1 Zoltan Balogh (2013-09-25)
qtcreator 2.8.1-0ubuntu1~precise1~test1 Zoltan Balogh (2013-09-25)
qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu (Newer version available) PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-26)
qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-26)
qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-26)
qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu PS Jenkins bot (2014-02-26)
qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu PS Jenkins bot (2014-01-24)
qtdeclarative-opensource-src 5.0.2-6ubuntu5~saucy1~test1 Timo Jyrinki (2013-12-16)
qtdeclarative-opensource-src 5.0.2-2ubuntu1~raring1~test5 Timo Jyrinki (2013-12-16)
qtdeclarative-opensource-src 5.0.2-2ubuntu1~quantal1~test2 Timo Jyrinki (2013-12-16)
175 of 167 results

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