The UGA Team consists of members who contribute to and maintain the Ubuntu Gamers Arena -

In general, the UGA is a centralized database for information that is compiled from numerous sources one source being the Gaming & Leisure forum.

This is an effort to record and maintain the forum community-based Gaming & Leisure forum that has a tendency to get lost in the fast pace of the vibrant and expanding Ubuntu gaming, the UGA seeks to organize most of the gaming guides posted on the forums, and optimize the information for 32, and 64bit architectures, which should allow Ubuntu to expand into a known PC gaming platform, and not just a desktop OS.

The UGA strives to be a dynamic, well organized database, that decreases the amount of time a veteran, or new user spends trying to find gaming information that may have been previously discussed on the forum or some other source. The UGA also serves as a self service database, which allows not only the reading, and use of the guides but also allows for the user to edit, and add new guides to the site. The interaction is simpler for both, team members, and non-team members, as well as forum users.

The UGA team members perform data collection, organization, and retrieval from different sources. The info is then tested usually against the current and one previous Ubuntu release.

A note: The members collecting the the documents, are in most cases not the original writers, UGA members are more aptly described as organizers/maintainers of data. In reality you could say that we are not working on Ubuntu documentation directly, As most of the information is usually cross compatible with other distros, however. We are working on archiving / creating a database of information that is known to work on Ubuntu.

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