A technician, a gamer and anything he wants to be. Trying his best to contribute to the Free Software movement by promoting GNU+Linux and other FLOSS he loves.

Using GNU+Linux OS since 2005 and began to seriously using it as main OS since 2007.

Contributing on Ubuntu's packages translation, Malaysian Ubuntu team forum as moderator, and updating Malaysian Ubuntu Team's wiki.

Contribution not directly related to Ubuntu: Open Source Security Information management (OSSIM) documentation, mainly on OSSIM's forum, Debian user and AMD64 mailing-list.

It is his hope that more people will start to use Free and Open Source Softwares for their everyday usage and free themselves from the wretched EULA.

Just mail me if you want somebody to hang around and talk about GNU+Linux and play around with Ubuntu and Debian.

I'm willing to teach GNU+Linux newbies on using it as everyday OS at no cost. It is my hope to be able to do that as my primary job someday.

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