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OpenStack is moving towards support for hierarchical ownership of projects. In this regard, the Keystone will change the organizational structure of Openstack, creating nested projects. The proposal is to add nested quota support regarding the same in Magnum.
resource quota for Magnum
Currently, It's possible to create unlimited number of cluster resources in Magnum, there should be a limitation for user or project to create Magnum resource, and the limitation is configurable.
At present, there are various interfaces through with services data can be manipulated - admin interface( nova-manage), extension (contrib/, servicegroup API layer. Having different interfaces to manipulate the source of truth can lead to severe data inconsistency for something as useful as stored in no...
Introduce Concept of Flavor Classes for OpenStack Compute (nova)
This describes a concept to group flavors together in order use those groupings to scope policy and quotas.
Use tooz for service groups for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Instead of having nova have built-in code + drivers for service groups and the associated API the tooz library (now an oslo library) can provide the implementation of service groups using its own group concepts and there can instead be a shim that uses tooz in nova instead (mapping nova concepts onto tooz), allowing...

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