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Why? To ensure that Android test developers know how to implement tests that lava-test-shell will execute and to understand how lava-test-shell works. Context? Android platform. What gets produced? A wiki describing how to use lava-test-shell and how lava-test-shell works in general, including pointers to all avai...
Why? Help TI to integrate OMAP5-uEVM board support in linaro-android Context? We do this as part of our general platform effort What gets produced? OMAP5-uEVM builds at Where will the work get put? and OMAP5-uEVM-* builds at
Unify b.L Builds for Linaro Android
Why? The RTSM boot-wrapper in the Vexpress builds are under rtsm/ folder in the boot tarball. The images failed to boot in LAVA due to different naming convention and the location of the bootwrapper(boot/rtsm/linux-system-semi.axf in VE build and boot/linux-system-ISW.axf in IKS build) . This is a result of the ...
Why? The AOSP Panda build is the common point, for AOSP development. It didn't support hardware accelerated MM. These patches are available at OMAPZoom and were integrated into Linaro's omapzoom baseline. The patches were then sent to JBQ for inclusion in AOSP. Context? Improve AOSP. What gets produced? A set of p...
Vishal created a very simple change that allows ICS to run using the software GL stack. The implementatoin and packaging was done in the 11.12 milestone. This BP is a follow-up for upstreaming the changes to AOSP.

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