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Add support for share group quotas for python-manilaclient
Track all activities for adding support of share group quotas to manila client here. Blueprint for server: Spec:
Manila project has "share groups" feature. So, add we need to add its support to UI.
Current approach for resources in Horizon is to create panel group (Compute, Volume, Network) and register panes in it. Where one panel stores one type of entities. Manila UI, for the moment, stores its data in "compute" panel group for "project" dashboard and in "system" panel group for "admin" dashboard. It is not...
Support quotas per share type for python-manilaclient
Share type quotas were proposed [1] for implementation on server side. Its support requires manila client update. Track all activities for it with this blueprint. [1]
ZFSonLinux share driver may support 'manage share' feature but does not for the moment. So, need to add its support. Newly managed shares should be renamed based on approach used for creation of new shares. Also, options should be redefined based on used share type.

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