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Currently, Cinder couldn't report backend state to service, operators only know that cinder-volume process is up, but isn't aware of if the backend storage device is ok. Users still can create volume and go to fail over and over again. This bp propose to get the backend state from driver directly, operators or mana...
Currently, It's possible to create unlimited number of resources in Mogan, there should be a limitation for user or project to create Mogan resource.
Currently, Cinder can transfer volumes to another project's owner, but if this volume has snapshots before transferring, after this operation, new owner can't delete this volume successfully since it has snapshots. So we should consider to extend transfer function that can transfer snapshots with volumes at same time.
Now in cinder, resources(e.g. volume, snapshot, backup) have a record for when they were updated at. Wish to support user(admin/non-admin) can query those resources by specify the time that they change since, and cinder will return the all updated after this time.
In DR scenario, there are two sites with two independent OpenStack, one is production site, one is DR site. Users use replication for volumes in production site and the storage backend will make the replication between two sites. When disaster happens, cloud admin or DR manage system which is over the OpenStack want...

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