I have recently finished my Bachelors degree. With my studies complete I am now pursuing several software development goals. I will be earning my MS in Computer Software Engineering and expected to finish May 2015.

Over the last several years I have had much experience using numerous programming languages and gained the most experience with C++, HTML5, and JavaScript. I have had many years of experience in web oriented programming and graphic design as well. I was recognized for some of my work at the 2013 AT&T Summit Hackathon in Las Vegas where I took home the the Blackberry Cascades Challenge.

I have recently began working a lot with Node.js and MongoDB to make web applications. I have also have taking a strong liking to Juju which allows me to quickly deploy and scale those application over the cloud(Primarily AWS).

I am about to get married to my beautiful finance Sonia Ramirez in January 2014.

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