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Pass network requests to scheduler for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Since network requests can be useful for scheduler to make network related placement decisions, it makes sense to pass this piece of information into scheduler, so that proper destination hosts can be selected before instances being built and networks being allocated. Currently, the network request is passed to nov...
Update to juno
We need to update the nova solver scheduler codes from Icehouse to the current release cycle (i.e. Liberty), may need a aggregated patch for Juno and a series of changes for Kilo, as well as latest changes in nova scheduler.
Currently the top directory is 'nova', we should move it to an individual package, thus a different top directory name: nova_solverscheduler should be used.
OpenStack scheduler has nice options like filters which allow resource selection based on simple constraints e.g. Don't put instances in a set on the same host. However for complex constraints, building a filter would be as complex as building a real constraint solver e.g. place VMs while minimizing average (VM-stor...

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