Team participation for Youngbin Han

Youngbin Han is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Expires Role Via Mailing List
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2021-11-30 Member
Dasom 2015-12-02 Owner
Loco reboot enthusiasts 2023-06-20 Member Subscribed
Not Canonical 2023-12-29 Member
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
UbuCon Asia Committee 2024-01-03 Owner
Ubuntu Council Teams Member Ubuntu LoCo Council Not subscribed
Ubuntu Korea Community Organizers 2018-07-01 Admin Subscribed
Ubuntu Korean Team 2014-03-30 Admin Subscribed
Ubuntu Korean Translators 2017-04-17 2025-04-15 Member
Ubuntu LoCo Council 2024-01-09 2026-01-09 Member
Ubuntu LoCo Enthusiasts 2017-11-05 2024-10-13 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Nevada, Ubuntu LoCo Council
Ubuntu Members 2021-12-15 2024-12-14 Member
Ubuntu Nevada Member Ubuntu LoCo Council
Ubuntu Quality 2023-11-25 Member
Ubuntu Users 2018-06-22 2025-06-20 Member
Ubuntu Wiki Editors 2017-02-28 Member
Verified LoCo Teams Member Ubuntu LoCo Council