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 - Add new response "Examine locally" to presenting the report details, which
   runs apport-retrace in the chosen mode in a terminal. This should be made
   available for crash reports if apport-retrace and a Terminal application are
   installed; add an abstrace UI method for this. (LP: #75901)
 - apport-gtk: Add "Examine locally..." button, and implement
 - apport-cli: Add "Examine locally..." responses, and implement
 - apport-cli: Greatly speed up displaying large reports. This also changes the
   format to avoid indenting each line with a space, and visually set apart the
   keys in a better way.
 - Move tests out of this file into test/python, to
   avoid having to parse the unit tests at each Python startup.
 - test/python: Also make tests work if Python hook is not installed in
 - Add get_modified_conffiles() API, and implement it in
 - Add attach_conffiles().
 - Add attach_upstart_overrides().

Bug fixes:
 - Remove "Ubuntu" in bug response, replace with "this software".
   (LP: #883234)
 - apport-kde: Rearrange order of imports to get intended error message if
   PyKDE is not installed.
 - Ignore hardening-wrapper diversions, to make
   gcc_ice_hook work if hardening-wrapper is installed.
 - apport_python_hook: Respect $APPORT_REPORT_DIR.
 - apport_python_hook: Limit successive crashes per program and user to 3 per
   day, just like signal crashes. (LP: #603503)
 - Skip online tests when there is no default route.
 - Fix test suite to not fail if system has some obsolete or non-distro

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