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2.0 series Focus of Development
Latest releases: 2.0
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

The first release after the one that re-enabled savegames.

1.0 series Supported
Latest milestones: 1.0     Latest releases: 1.0p1, 1.0
Bugs targeted: None
Blueprints targeted: None

The official release.

0.9 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.9, 0.9-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 19 Implemented

Revisiting previous features that could need a makeover.

0.8 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.8, 0.8-rc2, 0.8-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 15 Implemented, 1 Informational

Bringing back the EM Pulse Cannon SW, expanding Rubble, adding Toggle Power with AI support, new Academy Tech Buildings, and a lot more.

0.7 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.7, 0.7-rc2, 0.7-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 18 Implemented, 4 Informational

Focusing on features again, this will be the hot new stuff, to be expected summer 2014.

0.6 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.6
Blueprints targeted: 10 Implemented

Another small release, due Spring 2014.

0.5 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.5, 0.5-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 2 Beta Available, 21 Implemented, 1 Informational

Cloak enhancements, several features from Tiberian Sun, and more.

0.4 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.4, 0.4-rc2, 0.4-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 20 Implemented

Another minor update in terms of feature count. But one of the features being AttachEffect should make up for that.

0.3 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.3, 0.3-rc2, 0.3-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 5 Implemented

The next generation of Ares, most likely developed under a new development model, sacrificing feature count for development speed.

0.2 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.2p2, 0.2p1, 0.2, 0.2-preview, 0.2-rc2, 0.2-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 2 Implemented

Ares 0.2 will be the next stable release of Ares, bringing vast amounts of bugfixes, new features and enhancements.

0.1 series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.1p1, 0.1
Blueprints targeted: None

The original development line of Ares.

0.e series Obsolete
Latest milestones: 0.e     Latest releases: 0.e, 0.e-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 9 Beta Available

Another fast-forward release to catch up.

0.d series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.dp1, 0.d, 0.d-rc2, 0.d-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 24 Implemented, 3 Informational

A fast-forward release to catch up with developent.

0.c series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.cp1, 0.c, 0.c-rc2, 0.c-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 12 Implemented

Another assorted collection of features, due June 2016.

0.b series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.b, 0.b-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 16 Implemented

A smaller release, planned for March 2016.

0.a series Obsolete
Latest releases: 0.a, 0.a-rc2, 0.a-rc1
Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 24 Implemented

The winter 2015 release. Lots of optimizations, some new features.

Blueprints targeted: 1 Unknown, 1 Not started, 2 Beta Available

This is a pseudo-series holding milestones so far into the future that it'd be wasteful to create series for them.

117 of 17 results