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Registered 2011-02-03 by Scott Ringwelski

A music player with focus on speed, simplicity and music discovery.

BeatBox is not frequently updated or maintained. For the derivative elementary Music app, see: For more details, see:

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BeatBox Team
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  • No Time on 2012-11-03
    I'm sorry to say that BeatBox will not be seeing much attention from me at th...
  • BeatBox 0.7 on 2012-10-13
    This release brings big changes "under the hood", as well as a some visual ch...
  • Music Store Work on 2012-10-11
    The music store is something that has been long put on hold. I decided to tak...
  • Major Refactoring on 2012-09-20
    For a couple of weeks now, I've been working on a (much needed) refactoring o...
  • BeatBox 0.6 on 2012-08-10
    Only two months since 0.5, 0.6, or "Dear Rosemary", is now ready. While there...